I would have to consider this one a MUST win for the bombers. If we drop this one to the Stamps and go to 0 - 3, we are F in history baby.

Let’s try Mincha this time, he wouldn’t let us down.

…good plan KK, I hope so too :lol: …an important game for both teams, should be a good one…

Winnipeg needs to get Stoddard in there in place of Cloman. Then they can use that import spot to get Feugil in place of Mudge. This way they will have a wide receiver who can catch and OL who can block. I think the coaching staff really messed it up going the other way for the first two games. Its not too late yet but they can’t afford another performance like the last two.

I hope our not just saying that so Calgary can beat Winnipeg next week, Rand W. :evil:

…I confirm I am saying that so Calgary can beat Winnipeg next week dude… :evil:

I should have know, but Michna would do well in any case.

KK, how can you be so sure? We all said that about Martin too. The bottom line is, until they get the O line patched up it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest quarterback in the history of the game in there, he still won’t do s***. Perhaps the good news in all this is that Feugill is on his way back to town, plus Taman brought in this huge lineman named Dan Goodspeed who has spent time in the NFL with two different teams, the Dolphins and also the Giants if I’m not mistaken. Just as a side, he was voted to the XFL’s “All Nasty Team”. He’s good buds with Eric Wilson from his days as a Dolphin and it was Wilson who told him to head north to Winnipeg for work. Hopefully him and Feugill can provide some presence up there, as both might be starting in the Calgary game. Will that solve all of our offensive woes? No, but as long as our QB whoever he may be has more than 3 seconds to make a play, it will have been a step in the right direction.

All I can say is that we’ve tried Glenn and Martin, why not give Michna a try?

the QB can still run.

We got a guy who has been on my favoite AFC and NFC teams, YAY!

…and I have said Michna from the very beggining after camp.

alot of emphasis is correctly placed on this game with the Stamps…maybe our best player will be Henry B. if we can get some decent pressure on him and get him a little excited…he tends to make alot of throwing errors when he’s rushed…watch for his nervous feet…if the Bombers can shake him up early we have a chance of knocking them off… :?: .are you listening Fleming…Canada…and OTHERS…

If the progress for game one to game two is any indication, the team is improving.

Having said that, my meds run out on Wednesday and my next shipment of rose coloured glasses should be here in time for kick off on Thursday.

Stoddard and Peterson are a real good 1-2 combo.

…man, I heard Daley this morning on the radio and he sounded, hmmmmm, what’s kind to say?, er…NOT pumped…good for my team if there is lots of dissention in the BB locker room right now…is there a mood problem?..I’d be jacked if I was Daley right now, light a fire, kick a butt to two, make some men stand up and take account for their play…maybe he’s not that kind of coach…

That’s the problem, he’s not at all. He’s more the “watch everything go wrong and lose my job” type. I bet by the end of this year he’ll be in the unemployment line come October, because I can truely say that if that doesn’t happen then we’re doomed.

Yeah I can’t say I’m a big Daley fan. He seems more suited to be a high school counsellor than a professional football coach.

I’m pulling for the Bombers in this one because… well, they’re playing Calgary.

However, I think Calgary’s defense will eat the Bomber quarterbacks (whoever that may be) for breakfast.

Daley does suck. No question. It worries me to no end. Unless the Bombers ante-up and players somehow steer the ship, and make Daley look like a genius.

He does seem to be a little to mellow. Last season when he took over the Head coach job and was still coaching spiecel teams, he was jumping up and down all over the place. His attitude now seems to be, don’t worry…be happy…we’ll get better…eventually.
Maybe, Daley needs a fire lit under him by Lyle. Being an old Hog, I’m sure he isn’t happy about all the heat the O-line is taking .

I don’t mind if a coach is mellow. What I do mind, is if a coach is melancholy. Daley needs to turn that frown upside down and take the bull by the horns, as others have pointed out.