Burris and Copelland look ready to lead the Stamps into the playoffs.
see what happens tomorrow night

Stamps are going to kick Leo butt!!! Well, it will probably be close, Stamps win by a FG.

Lions will take it tonight, no doubt.

It's going to be a good game ... close one ... but sadly I think BC will take it :frowning: (I don't know if it's so sure as to qualify it with a "no doubt", though :wink:)

Whether the Lions take it by 1 point or 10, I still think we'll take it. So in my mind, BC will win undoubtedly. I do respect Calgary though, and the team that they have. It will be a good game, and hopefully Calgary will have a good turnout. If I were a stamps fan, I'd be excited to see if my team can knock off the #1 and only unbeaten team in the CFL.

B.C. 6-1 after tonight Burris and Copeland are going to school up the Lions secondary.

Ya, just like the Eskies receivers did to our secondary eh? :wink:

We shall see :wink:

stampedersville i pmed you!

.......hey hey hey.....whatever you two do together, keep it to yourselves.....jaysus, we don't need you kids telling us your private secret affairs......

There’s gonna be a butt kicking party tonight in cow country and the Stamps are providing the butt.

close offensive shootout game
stamps 41

lions 36