Stamps' WR Malik Henry confirms Achilles rupture

TORONTO — The injury bug continues to feast on the Calgary Stampeders.

Receiver Malik Henry announced on Twitter on Sunday afternoon that he has ruptured his Achilles tendon. The Stamps’ star acknowledged that he’ll have a long absence from the team, but that he can handle it.

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Another non contact Achilles injury. We have seen plenty already in both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

It is very unfortunate when this happens to any CFL player and especially hurts the overall quality of play if it happens to a star player.

Hope you have a full and relatively speedy recovery Malik.

Once injured both at the same time when I made to get the jump on a fly ball. If only we had infallible bodies.

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There seems to be an increasing number of achilles injuries. I find myself wondering if the modern turf has anything to do with this.

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Others have wondered about that as well and someone recently posted an article about that. I don’t think there is definitive proof yet but it certainly is possible. On the other hand other injuries such as to the hamstring, knees and back might increase on grass because it is more slippery.

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And the old style turf caused knee and toe injuries, not to mention terrible rug burn that would infect if not covered with polysporin.

I guess there’s always something.

Modern training probably also plays a factor. Muscles get stronger, connective tissue does not.