Stamps would have won if

His all cocky squeaked by too? Huh?

. . . if they weren't playing the Saskatchewan Roughriders. :rockin:

There was still A LOT of time left at that point though.

It is comments like this that turn me totally off the Riders because of some Riders fans. I don't mind a fan gloating over a win or trashing talking for his team. But when some Riders fan believe they speak for the MAJORITY OF FANS or somehow believe EVERYONE is cheering for their Riders only shows that some Riders fans are totally full of themselves. I know I never asked a Rider fan to speak on my behalf. I used to cheer for the Riders on some occassions but after seeing and hearing some of the Riders fans, it has turned me off the Riders. GO ALS GO!!!!

We dodged a bullet by the recovery in the end zone.. pure and simple.. it was anyones game. We all know that. We got the breaks. I wish Grice-Mullen would not have so many botched catches.. Way too many this year for my liking that I have had 24 hours to reflect on the game I think the outcome would've been completely different if I had boo-ed a little louder when Durant was concentrating....and been a little quieter when Henry was doing the same...

....I talked to Hufnagel this morning and am taking full blame here...he said he will take some of the off-season to consider my position in Section C carefully...

Hopefuly he doesn't send you to the ex-wives section...

Ya, I couldn't get back in to edit that post. I had meant to say that most fans seemed NOT to be cheering for the Riders or cheering for them to lose. There were a few BC and Ticat fans cheering for the Riders. So no we don't assume everyone loves us. Only when we continued to finish in last place did that happen. Sorry should have post a follow up post to clarify.

Yes, I've heard that is the loudest section in Calgary!

The ex-wives section is in the upper, upper, upper, mezzanine :lol:

..the Stamps could have won the game if Burris incorporated himself as a running threat a little more. Also, costly, dumb penalties also cost the Stamps big time

After reading some of the posts today, the only Stamp fan that took the loss with any class is RedandWhite. Some of the posts Stamps, and other teams fans are making shows that some people shouldnt come on this site after a loss.

I was rather surprised that both QBs did not run more, but really surprised with Henry

Here is my perspective of why there was no QB runs by Burris and only a couple runs by Durant - it was the temperature and field conditions. A QB run and taking a hit in August with the temperature at plus 25 is ok because the QB and his body can bounce back for the next play. But the temperature was somewhere around minus 17 with a frozen field. Taking a hit under those conditions lingers for a long time. The QB is a key player on every offensive play. My guess both play books for the game had no QB runs due to the chance of injury. Even if the hits were not severe to take a QB out of the game, they may be just enough to limit the plays available.

Stamps would have won if players (in general) would just fall on a loose ball instead of trying to pick it up and run with it.

the stamps did not play a good game. im sorry riders fans but you got the scary (for stamps fans) side of the stamps. reynolds didnt ever run the ball. your D did well limiting him but they needed to be stubborn with it. the run game wears down defenses and can turn the game in the second half. people were blaming henry... not his fault. did he play spectacular? not even close but he was not terrible. his average play should have been an alarm to dickenson and huff that they need to get the ball in the hands of reynolds. the riders are weak against the run and i believe would have broken eventually if we were commited to the ground game. now having said that, both teams defenses did what they had to do to win the game. 20-16 is a defensive struggle. you can say we would have won if we recovered the fumble, but we should have won regardless. again not trying to bash the riders, but in most facets of the game, on paper, we are much stronger. ST prolly pretty equal, but offensively we were dominant all season. defensively the same. it only takes a few players coming out cocky or lazy to really lose a game. BUT full credit to the riders who never gave up and made plays even when DD was looking VERY average in the opening stages of the game. now i know some stamps fans are cheering for the als and i am one of those... im sorry but with the riders fans i know, which are not your normal very supportive, sometimes cocky lol bunch of fans... they are the ignorant, believe there is no team in the world who can beat the riders and that the other team never wins the riders just lose... lol im being very serious... i cannot bring myself to cheer for them as i would never hear the end of it. one more comment as i am on the topic of riders fans. i personally have met hundreds of riders fans that are excellent to talk too, either about football during the game or in the offseason whatever. but as many of you know the bad name you get is from the very small number, id say somethign like 3%, of fans that are completely ignorant. case and point, while me and my brother who is 14 were standing in line to get into mcmahon, a obvioulsy drunk group of riders fans tried to push past everyone towards the front of the line. when they got to where we were standing they noticed a guy with a calgary jersey that had "RIders Suck" for a name and "24/7" for a number, now rather than try to make fun of the situation with some harmless jabbing, he went ahead and tried to fight the guy in the jersey. when he was getting really out of control with the threats, he turned to me and said what a brother wearing his jersey and myself wearing mine... clearly not going to agree, when i informed him that not everyone here likes the riders and that maybe being drunk and wearing a green mohawk might have something to do with that...maybe is should have kept quiet but i couldnt help myself :lol: he attempted to initiate a confrontation with me. now i wasnt about to fight the guy over this but all i heard while he was staring at me was fag this and fag that. now my brother is old enough to handle himself and this makes no differnence to us... but the family behind us and in front of us with small kids. really? again I know this is not the majority of riders fans, but while people like this continue to act the way they do, along with the stereotypes already in play. im not sure people will ever let go of the fact that "all" riders fans are ignorant and what not. im not condeming riders fans so please do not take it the wrong way just my opinion of why some fans have no humor when it comes to your comments lol

pardon me, did you say something :wink:

Wow man! Thats quite the soliloquy there! Just a couple of questions...

1 - If you realize that this isnt the majority of Rider fans - why bother writing an esay on it?
2 - Do you really think that this only applies to Rider fans? There are jack@$$ fans for all teams, made worse by the amount of booze they have before/during/after a game.

To everyone else - I know I shouldnt bee feeding the trolls, but this guy went to a lot of trouble with his post, so I felt it necessary to point out the obvious flaws of logic, hopefully to discourage this kind of behaviour in the future...

Who cares? I had a 30 year old Bomber fan try to pick a fight with me at a game in Winnipeg a few years back when I was only 13 or 14. I have had people approach me in a bar in Calgary and try to fight me for no reason whatsoever (I wasnt even wearing Rider gear or anything like that). Thats what happens when some people drink.
As for your essay, the Stampeders lost, bottom line. You can say they were better on paper this and that. Bottom line is your team is going home. Go ahead and cheer for the Als. It doesnt change the fact your team is cleaning out their lockers this week and my team has advanced a couple of hours up the highway from you and is playing for the championship.