Stamps would have won if

... If they.... gave the Riders some respect!

Congrats to the Riders, they believe in the concept of the team, and play as such. AWESOME!!!!!!!M!MM!M :rockin:

I thought they both played their best and in the end only 1 team could win and that was the Riders on top of the dog pile. The weather was a game changer. Kudos to the Stamps for a great game and battle :cowboy:

The Stamps would have won if they scored more points than the Riders. Good game Riders.

It will be almost unbearable for those of us in Edmonton/Alberta who have a Rider Priders in the office. I wonder if my co-workers have already started patting themselves on the back?

Maybe they're saving themselves for Monday morning.

Stamps played a great game I thought. could have went either way.

Why the hell are you making a commend like that? That could have easily gone the other way with the fumble in the end. Your very lucky Calgary didn't recover the fumble now you rub their noses in it.

No question about it. Just that recovery in the endzone by Freeman could have switched the outcome if he didn't come up with it. It was not a gimme by any stretch of the imagination. Calgary maybe didn't do their offensive display but they should hold their heads high - it was not a free ride at all.

Actuaaly if you follow the posts here you see similar ones here. See BC vs Sask for an example. Not meant to slight the Stamps. I'm surprised with our history on run defense that we did quite well. Double teaming Fantuz again leaves Getzlaf open, and we played to that. Great game Riders , though you got to be better against the Als.

And for the record I don't think the stamps respected the Riders though as posted Lewis and Rambo were quiet this week. Also a majority of fans on this site outside of some Ticat and BC fans seemed to either think the Riders would win or are cheering for them. The record s say Calgary should win but any thing can happen in the playoffs.

Congratulations its fans like yourself that continue to taint all Rider fans. :thdn: :thdn:

Maybe they should have bowed before your teams presence.

How many yrs before fans like yourself learn how to win graciously?

:oops: :oops:

Well BC fans obviously have a sense of humour. Take the post how you wish. Paint everyone with the same brush, why argue?

Greasy hands Mullen (think I got that BC quote right) almost cost us a game. Not sure why Calgary didn't get a point on the play, but thank-you Freemen for recovering the ball! TSN turning point right there!

Sorry! :frowning:

The stamps would have won if they wouldn't have kept shooting themselves in the foot with stupid after the play penalties.

... and the toronto maple leafs would have won the Stanley Cup 40 times since 1967 if they did not............... :lol: :wink:

Personally i think had we recovered the ball in the endzone, we would have won.

But why make it that easy, it had to of been the stupidity of the Stamps.


Well turkey stick it just shows your lack of respect for other fans of other teams with a comment like this.Your team squeaked by and your all cocky.

Tough call but my gut agrees. We did not move the ball very well after the recovery in the end zone. Needed a FG to ensure we got a good shot at OT or a TD to make it a two score drive for the Stamps. We had ample nimber of tries to get one of those without any luck. Unlike last week in very good field conditions it was very slippery out there and would have been tough for any team to mount a last minute come back (lucky us).

Stamps did take way more penalties then Riders. And Browner is physical but I think he goes beyond a bump on the line, he took a key penalty as well. You can't keep your hands on a jersey for so long without getting noticed. My key though is Buriss needed to run more.

stamps 13thman was better than the riders 13thman

...Jerell Freeman gave up on that fumbled punt!