Stamps win a thriller over Riders to close out Week 6

REGINA — The Calgary Stampeders and the Saskatchewan Roughriders have quickly become experts at providing the ingredients for an instant classic.

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Very exciting CFL game again against the Riders. This time the Stamps came out with the “W” thanks to a HOF kicker Rene Parades. (Mr. Automatic).
Note: Very sad injury to Harris is a downer, as it sucks to see a great player go down like he did. We all hope for Speedy recovery !


Yep. Very exciting game. Congrats to the Stamps for salvaging their season.

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Paredes is money. Don’t know how badly Harris is hurt. Hopefully not out long but if he is, that’s a huge blow to the Riders.

Never should have come down to that final fg , that was garbage coverage on that Hail Mary , what were those guys thinking ? Pad their stats instead of the win ?

without their 37 year old qb , prayers for Harris that the injury is not as bad as it looks

[quote="dealerd, post:6, topic:87035without their 37 year old qb , prayers for Harris that the injury is not as bad as it looks


The injury is bad and barring a deep play off run he will.not be back ( i.suspect.his career ended last night sadly )

And why not just create a rider sucks thread.insresd of adding your point in a thread talking about a thrilling win

Hate to see eithet team trolled after that game finsih

You have a good point except for the part about creating a Rider Sucks thread.

It is in fact considered trolling to try and rub a losing team’s face in a loss immediately after that loss and will be treated as such. Not to mention it being poor sportsmanship and indicative of a lack of class.

If you must exhibit this type of juvenile behaviour please restrict it to your own sub forum at least or criticize the losing team later on rather than in the immediate aftermath of their defeat. clear someone would read your comments as being directed to me ?

Not at all. I’m supporting what you said and edited the offending comments not made by you. Sorry if that was unclear.

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All previous remarks were on the up and up from those praising the Stamps on the victory from what I read.
I can not believe how wrong a post is just because it wasn’t about the Riders ! The game was by all indication a great contest by two rivals. If one wins and a fan says something about the winner why does the loser fan criticize the other fans?
The winner fan did not criticize the loser team nor make any disparaging remarks about that team.
Seems to me taking these games too seriously is inconsistent to good manners and behaviour if one can not deal with a loss !

The original post did in fact trash the entire rider team - that’s why the mod said they edited it

You can’t see the post because the mod deleted it - hence the response

By all means message Jon …… but your post isn’t reflective on the reality

Ok ! But if they deleted that post you were referring to, then why didn’t you delete yours.

Or at least post a retraction

Leaving it in, makes others reading the string (including me) believe you are referring to our posts

And as I said we did not post any bad things about the riders. In fact I made a specific sympathy

Post regarding Harris.

Gotta be careful not calling a mod out so her goes

They quoted part of my post on it and i cant delete that - thats why you see me asking the question i did above

No worries