Stamps will win Grey Cup 2016

My pick as the team just rolls along. Love the way they use their talent and how guys that Hamilton gave up on are stars for the Stamps. McDaniel has become one of the best clutch receivers in the league.

There is still LOTS of football to play before we crown a Grey Cup champion.

Do we look good ... Yes!
Do we look dominant ... Yes!
Could we start having another rash of injuries ... Yes!

Last year we went the entire year with a patchwork O-line and IMHO they finally couldn't do anymore in the western final and our season ended.

Just like the Riders beating the Eskimos this past weekend ... It may seem like it's an "easy win" or it's over, but you still have to play the games. The other team get's paid to play to and if you take a game off, they can sneak up on you.

Let's see where we are at the end of November!


Oh I think hank will be running in the grey cup. Looks like a stamp cup

I've picked the Stamps since day one and nothing changes my mind. It'll be very difficult to beat them but anything can happen in our crazy league. I'm still picking Calgary.

I agree, its a crazy league! That GC game was a nailbiter - thanks Calgary! You fought pretty good and theres always next year eh?

A Messam two yard run away from Grey Cup victory and they run Buckley on the same play they ran a few minutes earlier. Ottawa saw it coming from a mile away the minute Buckley came onto the field. Very poor play calling right there.

Ottawa played better and Calgary better never win 15 games again. In 1993,94, 95 and 16 they won 15 games and didn't win the cup. Only one ever team won 15 and didn't win. Calgary shoot for 14 next year.

I still thing Calgary will be the favorite heading into next year.

Slomojo2005, I suggest you go read the forum rules before trolling in a team forum. Save that for the main site.

Ottawa won - We lost

It's already 2017! Get over it.