Stamps will kill the Riders onSunday

This nonsense about how well Saskatchewan is coached has to stop. They are one of the worst coached teams ever seen. Their special teams are horrible and their offence runs on a wing and a prayer and the athleticism of their quarterback not their offensive schemes. The Stamps, on the ohter hand, are well coached and managed. I love the excitement of the broken play as much as thenext guy but the Riders rely on it too much. Without their middle linebacker the Calgary running game is going to kill them. And, this of course will open up the passing game for Burris. Burris will look like an all-star when in reality the running game of Calgary will open up everything else and keep the Sask. defence on their heels.
Easy win for the Stamps with the riders losing because of inadequate preparation by their coaching staff.
one last note. Have you ever seen a more confused bench on the sidelines of the Roughriders during a game. Miller looks absolutely lost with Daly chirping in his ear as he walks by. the ex-Winnipeg offensive coach has destroyed what was an unpredictable flowing offence under LaPolice last two years to a confused helter-skelter run for your life style offense that ill self destruct on Sunday for all to see. Even decisions to punt or kick field goals in easy decision situations look painful.
I would take hufnagel, dickenson and Cortez in a heartbeat over the disaster that is the Riders coaching staff. Too bad because they have a lineup of outstanding Canadian talent that should open up the chance to get all-star import players for certain key positions. The new G.M. from Winnipeg is a disaster too. Tillman did it to himself but too bad for the franchise that has turned itself around so well in the past 4 years.

A very good example of a very sore loser. I thought the game between BC and the Riders was a classic battle of 2 great teams that left nothing back and gave it their all. Posts like this sour that. Good thing there are some great BC Lions fans on this forum who off set posts like this.

lol.. someone needs a nap..Holy cow..

Mac.. get a grip buddy.

The Riders have a damn good chance of taking the Stamps to the cleaners on Sunday and you know it!

the Stamps aren't exactly unbeatable..

hell the Lions beat them twice! the Als humiliated them!

Burris is capable of throwing a doozy.. Frank Burris could show up at any time..

Riders weren't even playing with 2 of their best Defensive players in the game.. Simpson and Lucas were out!

well guess what?? They're both going to be back and that means more depth!

if I were you, I would be scared.

(yay! :slight_smile: Post 5000!)

IF the good Stamps and the good Burris show up, Stamps win.
Should their ugly side show up, the Riders will need to book a hotel in Deadmonton.

...why would he be scared? it's not like he's playing, and besides he's a Lions fan...

If you had just said that Calgary has a superior coaching staff to Saskatchewan's, i would have agreed with you. I'd take Hufnagel over Miller, Jones over Etcheverry, and Dickenson over Berry.

But you weaken your own argument when you engage in such hyperbole as "one of the worst coached teams ever seen".

Do the names Bart Andrus, Mike Kelly, Kay Stephenson, David Beckman, and Joe Galat (just to name a few) ring any bells with you ?

why respond to this guy?

You know how much he follows things when he thinks Cortez is still on stamps staff?

Next you'll be saying crazy stuff like Kelvin Anderson isn't their running back!

Stamps will kill the Riders on Sunday eh? No one gave the Argos much of a chance in Hamilton last weekend and look how that turned out... in the CFL any team can beat another on any given day... decreeing a Stamps victory is very premature... as is declaring a Rider victory! I got flamed for writing the Riders off for their play in the first half.. the second half they were a very different team. I hope we see a two great games this Sunday!

I'm really excited for this game! If both teams come to play it should be a great one!

I agree. This year has proven that anyone can win. It should be a good game. Both teams will come to play. The main reason the Stamps will lose is the rust due to a week off! :lol:

I appreciate all the support BC fans are sending our way.

Thank you. :thup: :thup: :thup:

My biggest fear is the Cornish/Reynolds combo. Looks like a minus 15 game temp. so running game should be an issue. Big advantage Stamps in that department, since the Riders refuse to dress Charles, import ratio and all that, I suppose.

got news for you..

Cornish is hurt, he's done for the year

at least I thought he was....

got new for you actually he is playing and ready to go
Although Lumsden will have to cheer on his teammates from the sidelines, Jon Cornish will be ready to go when the Stamps host the West final at McMahon Stadium on Nov. 21 against next Sunday's Saskatchewan-B.C. winner.

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Screw Charles, Cates is the man in the playoffs. You dance with the girl that brought you there, and Cates with all of his TD's and 2 yard runs for first downs is ready to rip open that Stamps defence. :rockin:

Okay, it's only a game. I hope the Stamps don't "kill" the Riders. Look out for surface to air missiles when the Canadian Airforce flies into town :cowboy: .

Weather is looking like it might come down to the running games.

:thup: :thup: :thup: