Stamps VS Riders

Whats his nut got 2 games for the arm bar

aka Khalif Mitchell and yes he did but I think his was for intentionally trying to hurt another player. Yes it was a dangerous hit but Brown was all right and I really don't think his intention was to injure more just trying to stop Brown from getting past him. That he certainly succeeded in doing. His reaction on the bench of shock of being ejected seemed like he felt he caught Brown across the chest or shoulders and not under the helmet. Still it didn't look good doing the happy dance after laying Brown out like that.

Yea I think Richards deserves a game.

I agree with Stormrider, I thought the team played well, and I really like QB Smith's "moxie." IMHO, if not for errors on the part of the coaching staff, we would have won (I know, I know, coulda, shoulda, woulda). Why we went for 2 pt convert after the 1st TD escapes me (not getting at least the point was a bit of momentum killer, or at least frustrating)....and as has already been pointed out, the play calling at the end of the first half was amateur. If they had called their offensive series properly, they likely get 3 pts, there is no penalty to Richards, and Calgary doesn't get the TD. The coaching staff let the players down. All that said, I really liked their effort and at this point at least, QB Smith looks to be a keeper...rookie mistakes aside.

Well...the top of the top brass was not impressed with "the kick"
it has been noted
nuff said

Where did you find that info Depop I seemed to have missed it.

I'm thinking that sort of information isn't public knowledge for obvious reasons.

Dumbest play calling I have seen since the 70's occurred in that last 30 seconds of first half.

First the pass calls. Really? Already in FG range, with a punishing back that is averaging 7+ yards per carry and you pass (and of course after the penalty you go for an all or nothing play again passing instead of trying to regain at least a few yards back running).

Going for a 65 yard field goal when still in the game, a rouge ties and everyone knows we have a punter that can put it through for a point. No they go for what would have been a record setting FG with a punter that has not taken on regular season kick. Put the hogs out and expect them to run down field and catch a speedster.

To echo the words of my 7 year old nephew when he saw that call "DUMB, DUMB, DUMB...... IDIOT".

It comes down to if the Riders brass really think they have a chance of salvaging the season or not. If they start looking at it as a rebuilding year, then there is little reason to keep Chamblin around for the rest of the season. If you are going to start rebuilding and developing the youth, you might as well do it with staff that will be around next year.

Yes but who do you get to "step in" at this point and would it be a knee jerk hiring ? If they got Benevides for instance that to me is going from the frying pan into the fire. Benevides is no better at being a HC then Cory so that would be a big mistake.

The only one realistically I would even consider if you are going to pull the plug on Cory this season would be Lapo and let him assess the players we have and where we are lacking. At least that way if we are going to "clean house" the worse of the blood is spilled in a season for all practical purposes is a loss. I guess we could then see if Quick has any talent at DC or is he toast too at the end of the season. I don't want a situation like in Montreal where an "interim coach" is put in place.

In my opinion Montreal was stupid for firing Higgens and having Popp take over. If they had replace Higgens with a genuine HC then fine but Popp wanted to be both GM and HC all along and the owner instead hired Higgens with out Popps endorsement, which of course didn't fly well with Popp, the first chance to turf Higgens he stuck the knife right between his shoulder blades and twisted it a few times for good measure. Probably giggling to himself as he did it.

Popp like Cory for some reason feel they can hold more then one position ala Huff and maybe that drives them nuts he can pull it off but Popp sucks at being a HC and has shown it in the past just like Cory wasn't exactly the best DC when in Hamilton. Why either of them feel they are capable of doing both is beyond me. Frankly that is where the owners made the mistake of allowing either of them to even entertain the idea they could.

Oh I know the HC has the choice of his staff but management can persuade them not to go a certain direction. Meaning if you do it your way and it doesn't work your finished most likely in this league. Don't kid yourselves brass does talk to other brass on other teams about personnel and it wouldn't take long for word to get around that so and so is unemployable.

So to get back to the point, unless the Riders are going to hire a legitimate replacement sans Benevides this year then its probably best to muck it out to the end with Cory and then get a good list of capable or very promising candidates and go from there.

I would be working hard to get Lapo in there. I really think he came into a no win situation with Winnipeg. I would also be looking hard for a QB coach. I thought KJ might stick on in that role but apparently CC didn't see the need for one.

I don't mind the pass...It is playing aggressive and that is something this team has lacked at I am not going to harp on that. The penalty that drove them cmon...that wasn't iffy, that was about as bad as you can possibly hold someone...that is bad. I wouldn't do the kick...but he was only about 5 yards short and was hitting them before the game...still wouldn't do it their 1 point down...I would punt for the single attempt

As far as bringing in a coach...they got their hands cuffed with the if they are going to make a move it is likely going to be both of them. You don't want to hire a coach then a GM...GM then he brings in his guy. Lapo...not going to leave TSN simply to finish out the season...that would he stupid of him. Benevides by LD...potentially...if there is actual interest in making a move now. Gotta get someone who is willing to do it for only half a season...good luck

Personally if they brought in Benevides as anything but possibly a DC I would fire the GM, board, and anyone who even considered it a good idea. I would have them tarred and feathered and wearing GO bombers on the front of jerseys and Riders suck on the back of them at center field on Labor day classic. Lets see how well that flies.

Yes but as Depop said if they make a change now it probably means Brendon is gone to so not likely would Lapo even consider it unless he was guaranteed that if a new GM was brought in he would still be the HC. Could be done I guess but could be kind of messy and it gets things potentially off to the wrong start for both the new GM and Lapo. Not something you want going into next season.

Problem with promising a HC he sticks under a new GM is that it potentially handcuffs options of a new GM. “IF” they make a move during the season the best idea IMO would be Dyce to HC for remainder of the year and then McDiarmid in as ST coach…I wouldn’t move JC simply because the O is doing well overall. As far as GM…I personally would have a hard time supporting the team in any manner with Oday as a GM…even on interim basis. I would rather see someone like Wayne Morsky do that until the season is seen out, then hire a new guy by Christmas. Of simply keep BT around until the end of the season and axe CC…but I see both staying, and with the 1 mil in salary…i dont even know about 2016 at this point…

You are going to have that risk at anytime and who's to say that the offer to Lapo wouldn't be a GM/HC position?

Lapo doesn't have the experience not contacts to be a GM IMO...if he had the right guys in place to support that...sure...but that would mean a total gutting, because it is not their right now. For me the standout name for GM is John Murphy, and I would be willing to make him a pretty damned good offer to do it. Here is the crazy thing...I totally believe Huff would allow an interview during the season.

Austin didn't have a ton of experience when he started out as Coach/GM either.

That is what I referring to by potentially getting messy. And yes I agree. The only way it could work if the candidate they hired for GM actually would have hired Lapo if he was making the choice anyways. Not ideal but at least no conflict at to who the choice for HC was anyways.

Not totally sold on Austin being the greatest HC or GM either. Austin is all about the passing game and forgets about the run and it still could burn him when the weather turns bad. He at least has the sense to have a good DC and again without that defense no way is the ticats record as good as it is. Like I said up to the last game 40% of their points were produced by the defense. They have what something like 7 tds less then halfway through the season and are only 4 short of the record being 11. They could easily shatter that mark at the rate they are going. Pretty easy to score when your offense has a short field and a good portion of the game to score. That is thanks to the defense giving it to them.

Yes and no. Austin made a piss pile of contacts when he went to coach college ball...along with learning to be a GM, not just a coach, and knew a lot of the young good under the radar players to bring in because of it...we will see if that translates long-term...I think it will. He also brought in grabby magoo who has about as many contacts as anyone...and they all trust him. Getting contacts is easy...gaining their trust is another. Austin also has the rare nature that he is harsh with assessing is very easy to get caught up in liking a guy and hoping for potential to shine out...Austin just doesn't care...he will get the best out of his players or they won't be there.