Stamps VS Riders

Well true to my word I did go back and watch the rest and yes Smith is making some poor decisions. He has got to stop trying to force balls into spots that he has no business throwing to. He also needs to get rid of the ball or if he runs get down sooner or he isn't going to last long. Still not happy with the defense and allowing so many runs for first downs when everyone knows the Stamps are trying to kill the clock. Yes it was a nice pick by Brack and a nice block on the punt but still the same thing always plagues this team and that is not being able to stop other teams when its absolutely critical. Oh don't get me started on that last td before the first half. Never mind too late. How do you allow Bo 50 steamboats to throw it into the end zone in the first place and the as I mentioned have 3 defenders watch Rogers jump and get it? That is just inexcusable yet even in the past the Riders have been guilty of this same thing more then a few times. You would think you would learn eventually but apparently not.

As I said yes it was a close game yet again and yes they could have won it, but could have, would have, should have, is not getting them any wins. Close counts for sh^^ in sports so while it keeps fans always hoping it doesn't mean jack squat as far as meaning anything.
It seems every week its the same story, improvements made in one area or even two but a short fall always comes up and the same results, another loss. At this point I honestly don't know who to point the finger at. The players, the coaching, or both, but something has to change and it is probably a way too late to do any good this year now.

The biggest thing I'm concerned about is they blow up the team when realistically probably only 3 or 4 changes are needed as far as players go. Speaking of players what happen to Smith? One toss to him all game and that was almost a turnover. Yes Dressler was having a good game again but they really started to focus on him on D and yet they kept trying to force the ball into him. Smith has to get more receivers involved and not lock into one so much. Again yes a rookie mistake of going to the well once too often. Once again this is where a qb coach could show him the film and break down his mistakes but for some reason we are too stupid to employ one.

So another week of waiting ahead to see if this team is ever going to get a W on the board

Someone in the pub after said that at the point for a winless team that the riders have the lowest point differential ever......crazy

And if I has 5 more numbers right I would have won the lottery. Just kind of means nothing doesn't it.

really, I think that's the main problem with the defence. they don't apply pressure in key situations . that's how you win in this league , coach . you don't go into sa 3 man rush, with no pressure on the Q.B. we have nothing to lose. at 0-7. come on , you have to blitz. that is why Ritchie hall was criticized . he didn't blitz enough . and now the riders are doing it again. blitz, blitz, blitz., no more prevent defence ....... period you can't fault the offence, they are doing enough to win, the defence just can't stop anything, ever.

Yes they need to get far more pressure on the qb and far quicker too but that doesn't mean you have to blitz on every play. What you do have to do is rush at least 4 as there is no way in hell the 3 we rush are going to get pressure. Some teams can ours certainly can not, that is a player issue. You also have to disguise and confuse the O line. Again I will use Hamilton's defense as an example. They have guys moving around all the time in behind the D line, they are switching two and sometimes three times back and forth keeping the O line preoccupied on what they are doing sometimes one,two,three, comes and other times none. That activity by the lbs and the dbs messes with the Oline's head as they just don't know what to expect. Another thing they do is often bring the heat on first down and force mistakes, penalties, picks, or an incomplete pass setting up second and quite often more then 10 yards, now you have the offense on their heels. Instead of being aggressive now the offense is scrambling to get the first down.

Again with no time left in the half and you know that its going to take a bit of time for a receiver to get to the end zone then you allow a qb to have all day and throw it. Get in his face immediately and either force him to chuck it early or inaccurate or to take a pounding. Bo could have had lunch back there by the time a D linemen was anywhere near him. That is a coaching issue and Cory seems to refuse to recognize that rushing 3 has had zero positive results for this team and insists on continuing doing it. Again its just so frustrating to watch the same problems over and over again and nothing is being changed to fix it. Either its the lack of pressure on the qb and a receiver gets open or we can not stop the run at the most critical times. Been an issue from preseason and here we are 8 games later with the same issues. That is just plain sad.

Owen 8. Unbelievable. IMHO the 65 yard field goal attempt when we could have run out the clock was the biggest bonehead coaching decision ever and it ended up costing us a much needed victory against a very good western division opponent. I have stood behind Chamblin up until that call - everyone knows that a missed long field goal is one of the easiest ways to give up points and at that point in the game it was totally unnecessary given the score and the time clock. I think Chamblin must go.

Otherwise I saw an entertaining game showcasing a gutsy future star Bret Smith. That kid played his heart out and did everything he could to put the Riders in a position to win but our typical end of the game defensive collapse sealed the deal.

It was also a pleasant experience to finally watch a Rider team play a game where they weren’t assessed penalties totalling triple digits in yardage.

Yes I agree Brett certainly does have potential but I think he is trying to do or make too much when the situation is not favorable. That pick he threw in the 3rd quarter was a perfect example. There were 3 Stamps all in the neighborhood of the receiver and he never should have even considered throwing that pass. No the Stamps did not get a td but again a momentum killer and a confidence killer for the team too. Stamps get a field goal and we lose by 3, sure the attempt at the field goal at the end of the half was another stupid mistake. I get that Cory was going for the lead and yes we have all criticized him for not taking risks when we felt he should. That happens but realistically the odds of hitting a field goal of that length is extremely low. As I said if they had punted and got a really good kick they possibly get the single and a tie at the half. Instead the usual Rider melt down where what ever can go wrong did. A dq o lineman, a 25 yard penalty and the ensuing hail mary that had absolutely no business of even being close to happening and were down by 8 in the blink of an eye. Yes teams that are winning and full of confidence may get away with trying things like this but a team that has a record of 0-7 whose confidence is as fragile as an egg shell usually do not. Heck it almost would have been better as soon as they sent the field goal unit on to have said to the ref just put a major on the board for the Stamps in exchange we will not run a play and go the locker room down 8. The results would have been the same and at least the fans wouldn't have had to watch Bo make an ass of our defense again plus there wouldn't have been the major shuffle on the Oline due to the dq. Oh I know Early could have nailed it and we go into the half with a lead and the team is pumped but again the odds of hitting a 65 yarder is so poor it was beyond a rational point of probability.

These are the little mistakes or decisions that cost the team game after game after game and against a team like the Stamps you simply can not do this or they will make you pay. It's not that the Stamps are an unbeatable team it's more a case of other teams beating themselves far too often. Hamilton was guilty of it in their first game against them, Ottawa may as well gift wrapped their loss to the Stamps and now the Riders shoot themselves in the foot too. Don't get me wrong the Stamps certainly seize an opportunity when they get one and that is what good teams do but if teams didn't put their neck in the noose in the first place they wouldn't hang themselves either.

Agreed on most of your points Jimmy but One must remember that Brett is essentially a 3rd string QB with very limited previous experience so some of his choices can be forgiven and hopefully he learns from them. I wish they would give the rock to Messam more - he only had 10 carries but still managed 75 yards rushing.

There was only 15 seconds left when we attempted the FG and could have run out the clock only being down one at the half which I would have been very happy with.

well I think were getting there , I feel good about the team, just have to tweak the defensive calls, and we could be in the cup yet this year we just have to go 10 - 0 the rest of the way.

Love your optimism :smiley: I too feel good about the team but not so good about the coaching staff which is why I think 10 and 0 will not be doable.

He was making them pretty consistently and with room to spare pre-game. I don't mind the aggression in that situation because of that, though I wouldn't do it myself. The miss cost absolutely nothing though. The lack of pressure allowing a QB enough time to launch down half the field (unacceptable....bring heat, allow anything underneath) and the fact nobody could knock that pass down...that cost.

All that said...if the club wanted to axe him this week it gives them a final reason to.

Realistically, a 7 win season might see post season...but the team has squandered too many close games to make it. A win yesterday would have been pretty massive, but it is basically the nail.

What is kind of funny (ha ha) is Montreal turfs Higgens after a win and yes I know the decision had all ready been made before the game and yet they are in a playoff hunt and here we are drowning in the sewer and stay the course.

Now let me be clear I think at this point firing Cory would have little effect as far as changing the picture as far as making the playoffs and yes Higgens was not a great coach and Jim Popp taking over is not exactly a great move either, in fact if they didn't have some one in mind besides Popp taking over I think they should have kept Higgens. That all said the reason they at least publicly give is they felt they should have been in a better position then where they are despite losing both their starting and back up qb's in the first game.

Not sure if the reason they have given is 100% the whole truth but still publicly it looks good on the team that they are not willing to settle for being in the standings where they are. I expect the whole Sam/Bowman issue was the final straw and again publicly they are saying Bowman is not going to be traded but is this just a smoke screen and in fact they actually are looking to move him?

I find it a bit interesting to see what transpires with that whole situation.

Well I was lucky to see my second game. I was there, I have a few points to make here, first we almost beat the grey cup champs with a 3rd sting QB. He's a raw rookie and yes he will make mistakes, I agree he needs to spread the ball around more. We cut our penalties way back that's a plus. For the most part all phases played damn good, yes there where a few fluster clucks, but all in all much better.

Now end of second, we are in field goal range, second and 10, why did we not run the ball with so little time left, instead they call a throw which resulted in a bad penalty which pushed us back, ( a Coaching F up ) we should have given the rock to Messem and if he get 10 great if not Field goal, this was the start of the hale mary play. That's on the coaching staff!! period!

The cloths line was awesome to see, LOL.. yet another bad mistake. And yes I seen a few plays where we had 3 in the d line... not impressed with that.

CC needs to be a head coach and stop being a DC period, time for Tamen to tell him the experiment is over.

We did not get blown out, yes we should of won this one again.. but I seen real improvement from the start of the season, I also believe if we had DD or even Glenn heathy, we would not be 0-8.

Give them a break, they did play well this game, penalties way down still those few had some dumb ones!
I really think the tide is about to swing, if it does and we get that first win, we may be unstoppable from that point, just need that first one! :rockin:

Yeah, I agree. The team played overall pretty good, and Smith again showed great promise...though I do have the concerns I mentioned...but he is still raw.

By far the most disciplined the team has question. The best part of the clothesline for me was seeing Watman. He is ready.

The biggest disappointments to me were:
...Mertile was owned much of the night, and IMO played the last play of the half horridly. I know he lacks game time, but he was really out of position a lot. IMO the DB coach is costing this team A LOT
...not running up the gut at the end of the second, as you mention, and going for a pretty makeable FG for a lead at half
...going for 2 on the first TD with the wind when a single puts you up by 3...huge momentum / energy boost if you make it but just too early.....then going for 1 on the last, into the wind

IMO in football there is a fine line between being aggressive and being stupid. You are right that the miss in itself didn't cost us but you must admit that score would not have occurred had we not attempted a low percentage attempt for 3 points.

I think Chamblin may be a great motivator but he just doesn't have the chops when it comes to strategy during the game
and that is a big reason we are where we are in the win column.

Oh sure it was something to see but it resulted in 3 bad things. 1) 25 yard penalty, a dq O linemen,possible suspension of that O linemen. 2) it really woke up the Stamps and really pizzed them off at the same time, they were out for blood after that. Never wake up a sleeping bear, and the Stamps while not asleep they weren’t exactly lighting it up either. That clothes line did light a fire in them and that is just plain stupid to do. 3) Yes the Stamps never should have completed that pass and the defense should have gotten to Bo far sooner but as I said this really made the Stamps mad and they really really wanted to make the Riders pay so no doubt the O line amp it up more then a bit to keep Bo clean. Results Riders down 9 going into half time,a massive blow to the Riders confidence, a massive momentum changer as far as the Stamps wanting pay back. And the Riders without that penalty and td get the win.

Pretty high price to pay for a moments celebration by the fans. That too did not look good by the way. I mean Brown is laid out on his back and the fans all cheering the hit, plus the player making the obvious infraction celebrating the hit instead of checking on Brown to see if he is all right. That in itself will probably get him at least a game suspension and quite possibly two. It was just a plain boneheaded idiotic thing to do especially at that time of the game. Not that I would endorse such hits but if the riders were getting blown out and he had done it at least you could say he was trying to fire up the team even though that is a weak excuse for such a dangerous hit. Face it not a real shining moment for the team all the way around.

Some around us said he was hit from behind by a Calgary player has he tracked down brown, so was it an accident of was there intent involved, I need to see replay to judge... if he was pushed or what ever, like anyone stuck he's arm out to make contact... I am happy to see brown ok, but our guy is one big dude... so no wonder the impact on Brown!

First off I wouldn't have much problem myself giving him a 2 game suspension, but I don't ever recall anyone in the CFL ever getting more than 1 game EVER.

Second, it's only ok to headshot a guy and do a pipe show over the twitching body if your name is Nik Lewis (p-tui).