Stamps VS Riders

Well time to get down to the nitty gritty of this weeks games against the stamps. What do people realistically expect will be the results. Will the Riders finally get a handle on the untimely and amount of penalties or will this continue to haunt them? Will the defense gel enough to get a full 60 minutes of solid play or will there be again breakdowns that cost us a win? Will Smith be given enough protection to be able to find receivers or again be scrambling for his life on almost every play?

I feel the Riders will win this game if the above can be answered yes. If no is answer then again they will be winless and all the mounting frustration and disappointment of fans will continue.

I have never placed a sports wager in my life and never will, but if I wanted to bet odds...I would take the Riders this week. They have healthy bodies coming in and IMO had their best practices of the season.
MacDougal is pegged to pretty much only be STs, but having him back is big.
Getz is likely out and the OL is dinged up, but I think it will still do well.
I anticipate a noticable improvement on penalties this week.
I don't think Harris will be a starter

I hope the Brack/Macho combo becomes the Brack/Legree combo. Legree is nice and fast and hoping he sees more playing time.

We gotta stuff the run. Walters is capable backup to Corninsh but Riders must take a run game out of their arsenal. No Cornish plus their O-line has had injuries but continues to play well..............somehow we need to disrupt their OL and take advantage of the new guys on their OL.

Stopping the Doughty so I have a big concern at Mac.

If we stop the run be prepared for Bo Levi to run and we need to smash him when we get a chance. Limiting his run yards will be huge. If not, he effectively becomes the run game.

The Stamps are dsicplined and never waver. The difference is the stamps are team that believes and will stay in a game. Our guys, despite 0-7 have showed to stay in games as well (except for checking out at key times, penalties, etc. ) That is the difference, gotta play for 60 minutes or else?

More Demski...........More Ryan Smith............and we get Dressler back.

Brett Smith. If he improves as much this week as he did last week...........we can expect better things to happen.

The biggest thing i have noticed with the Stamps is they capitalize on other teams mistakes. You can not give them second chances via penalty or you will pay and you can not turn the ball over to them. Play a clean game against them and you can win but open the door for them a sliver and they will kick it wide open. It's not as much of what the stamps do but more of what the other team gives them and they take full advantage of it.

well, we'll see what kind of game the referees call this time, its bloody ridiculous the amount of penalties they've called on the teams. it's almost unwatchable. they call a penalty on every play. RIDICULOUS> I don't think the players deserved half of them . if they want to go after the lifeblood of the league, that could be a big mistake.

If you are saying that the refs are picking on the Riders not sure if that is true or not, now having said that the Riders do seemed to be a focus of the refs but the penalties called are pretty obvious most times. Yes there are questionable call against the Riders but every team has those. I think its more if anything that the Riders are not getting some of the calls for them even though when they do the same thing they get flagged. In the last game Smith got hit a couple of times that easily could have and should have been roughing the passer major fouls yet they were not. The most blatant one was the one where the whistle had blown and he was down and he gets piled on and yet nothing called. That one really ticked me off and I'm sure if it was Lulay they would have thrown it.

The thing is though yes the penalties are killing the flow of the game and what even makes it worse is when they have to have a tea party to decide what is being called and take forever to finally march it off. Still there is not much doubt the Riders are guilty of plenty of penalties and it has cost them a qb and a couple of wins at least. That is on the team itself to clean up and I really hope they learned something from having to do push ups either the whole offense or whole defense for getting flagged in practice. It should make players realize what they do effects everyone around them. Personally I like the approach Cory took with this. Picking on only the flagged person only isolates that player while making the whole unit do the push ups makes them realize that they are all accountable as a team for what they do on the field.

Don't call it...fine...but then you can't turn around and flag the Riders for doing some light pushing to protect their guy after. That is complete BS, along with the bench major for an non-dressed player chirping after a receiver comes in pushing and beaking everyone off. Crap like that makes me happy the NFL is starting, and I have never said that since being introduced to the game.

If they can disrupt BM, stop the run, stop the stupid mental penalties and give the new QB Smith time.

They have a chance.


Really just keep playing like they did last game or better and get some resemblance of discipline on penalties and they should be fine. Penalties have cost several wins IMO

ON: 1 Green*, 18 McHenry, 21 Woldu, 22 Unamba*, 24 MacDougall,
29 Mertile*, 26 Allen*, 59 Richards*

OFF: 8 Williams*, 21 Tisdale*, 22 Carter, 42 Kanya, 50 Doughty*, 64 Adcock*
89 Getzlaf, 99 Monroe*

So Getz is indeed a scratch. Richards in for Adcock, and I think there are more bodies that Adcock dicnged on the OL...he was just the worst off, so that is a little scary....concerned there. With Adcock out they likely should have dressed an extra OL beyond Watman.

Just crap loads of changes...

The big story of course is Brack...he practiced a little at LB for the last game, and as mentioned a few days ago was taking a lot of reps at it this week...listed as starting with Legree at Safety...just as I was hoping/speculating...excited to see that. Unfortunately, Harris is still staring as Knox moves inside. He needs to step up and show what he can do or be gone.

Looks like Wilson is poised to get more action. I liked him in camp, and every time I see him out there I like him more.

Unfortunately, Hollins/Adcock/Doughty fresh 6 gamed along with Emry and Kanya

Yes having Adcock off is really going to hurt and Getz usually has good games against the Stamps so they will miss him too. Man can this team ever get fu###ng healthy?

Unfortunately, Hollins/Adcock/Doughty fresh 6 gamed along with Emry and Kanya
Can we all stop saying the name "Emry" just pisses me off every time I see it, lol.

If Best and Labatte can't get their crap together and quit taking drive-killing penalties (and points off the board)...time to find another job :x

How the hell do you allow a guy to out jump 3 guys to get that ball? This is why they are 0-7 they can not stop any team from making a key play at a crucial time.

And now Richards got ejected...fricking stupid

Yes costly in both points and now the O line that is depleted has to shuffle. That could make it even tougher to run and pass protect. While it looked good creaming Brown it was a very stupid play.

Now a pick and that could be the nail. This is turning once again into a nightmare.

and yet another turnover on a muffed return. The fluster cuck continues.

Well I missed the 4th quarter as I had other obligations. Obviously I didn't miss much, oh sure you can say they were better and once again in it until the end. From reading the comments on TSN (not that those aren't biased or anything) but it sounds like the defense again had a chance to get the ball back but as usual this year they couldn't stop one of the poorest running games next to probably Hamilton's from getting critical 1st downs and killing the clock. Big shocker there, the defense that was suppose to be our strength can not get the big play when really needed. Nice pick by Brack though and yes he needs to stay in that spot.
So does the new O lineman get a second chance or did his stupid clothes line cost him his job? For that matter does Cory still have one after going for that insanely long field goal of what 55 yards or something like that, which caused the whole mess to begin with. Why not punt and perhaps get a single to tie it? And speaking of defense as I mentioned earlier how do 3 defenders surrounding one receiver allow him to get the jump ball? Two of the defenders had their back to the play and only reacted when Rogers went up for it. Too little too late which is basically the story of this team this year.

Honestly it's almost to the point of not wanting to watch this train wreck anymore this season as you know it isn't going to end well. I probably will suffer through it though as I always have been a bit sadistic or so I have been told. Hey wait I have the game on PVR so I can go back and see how they self imploded this time. Should be good viewing. :roll:

Yes, Richards gets another shot. It was a bad penalty, but his play on the line was pretty good. With 1 OT on the 6 it is unlikely he doesn't play...unless he is suspended. Now if the rumors that Getz is gone and that Jones is coming in and potentially Heenan as well...sure...gone. Rumor that Getz didn't practice or play because they don't want to risk the injury before moving him. I heard this from someone in the know, but not someone I would take as gospel.

If you missed the last quarter, you missed some entertaining ball. The Stamps had kicked a FG and it was inches from being blocked. The Riders had had some heat a couple times on kicks...and get this...they out coached someone one that! I know...stunning right? Stamps never adjusted their blocking, Riders did and came in untouched.

Brack picks one off, but forgets about the guy he stepped in front of assuming he was too far behind to make a play...had he tucked and run it is likely a TD...shame, as they only came up with one.

I never noticed this, so don't hold me to it...but I heard that the last couple minutes of both halfs the Riders D played 3 on the line. I never picked up on that if it is true. If it is true it is ridiculous, because with the 1st half ending there is NO WAY a WR should be able to get 60 yards down field before a QB is down or flushed. If it is true...that is firing worthy. Every damned lead and close game has been the pressure, or not stopping the run when you know it is coming. Pathetic. If it is true then they are simply not learning from it...gotta make a change.

I have a bit of a concern with Smith on a few things:

  • I question his long range ability. This was the first time I have seen this, so perhaps not, but he didn't seem to have it at times
  • I know he is a Rook, but he gets big eyes when close to the endzone, and needs to stop that. he fixates on it. He almost had 2 picked because he lobbed them into coverage in the endzone. That can be worked on
  • This is the big one. The Rookie making the Rookie INT. It happens, but this has been the same pass each game now. What scares me is this...this is the SAME interception Glenn is famous for throwing...same spot...same decision....same throw. Glenn seems to be doing wonders with him...but this is very very very concerning that this aspect of Glenn's game might be wearing off on him...which is really Glenn's downfall.