Stamps vs Riders

Cortez is a master of showing a few plays on one drive then shutting it down for teams to ponder in the future. Everything thrown at the Stamps in the WF was shown in the season. It has obviously been squashed a bit due to the O woes. I often find it frustrating, as many have stated on here before as well, that he will come up with something that works brilliantly in a game then not use it after a drive or 2...just getting in DCs heads. The regular season is but a phased battle, post season is the war.

I agree that the Riders do not want to go to Edmonton period. If they can pull the upset that will put them back in the hunt for first. If they lose that is going to be very hard to accomplish. This is OUR HOME TURF and nobody should just walk all over us. Nothing would be better then to have the unthinkable happen and we end up with the Western Final in our house. The thought of watching Calgary and Edmonton pound the bejesus out of each other and then have to come to Regina is very heart warming.

As I said Calgary is certainly going to come out hard and try to do what Edmonton did to us and take the crowd out of it. The way to stop that from happening is to take the fight to them. Play hard nosed, smash mouth, football right from the opening kickoff and make them step back and think hey these guys are not going to go without a fight.

I liked the story someone posted about Aldag going down and creaming a guy just as he touched the ball on a kick . Sure its a fifteen yarder but man it will get the guys in it in a hurry and the crowd also. It will also get the returners maybe taking a peek to see if its going to happen again and could cause a miss handled kick. Like I said this is war let the battle commence.

Well in their 8 - 2 start, they didn’t necessarily show all the cards… Durant was more of a game manager. And if you keep winning, and you don’t have to show your cards, even better. They have dabbled with the 3 headed monster with success, and as of late, we haven’t seen it. As you said, these Offensive woes have not helped lately, but I have faith in the coaching staff. In the first ten games, it didn’t matter if the Riders were behind, they still ran the ball first. But the last 3 games, there has actually been more pass plays. Which is OK, with me. The coaching staff really does need to see what they have in Tino and Doege…

This coaching staff is too good, and the players are too good to just rollover and give up. Despite the tougher schedule over the next 5 games, I anticipate that this team will be ready to repeat come playoff time

from the game notes:

In the last six times Saskatchewan has won the final margins have been by no greater than 6 points and an average of only 4.8 points (6, 5, 4, 5, 6, & 3 points). Their average loss margin overall is by 23.8 points.

Just heard on TSN Cornish is only 21 yards off league lead in rushing. The guy has only played 6 games!

Gotta key in on that guy. If our D can beat him him down and force Tate to throw all night I think we have a good chance.

Oh man talk about a heart breaker. Stupid stupid stupid penalty. And our defense just couldn't get the stops when needed. 4 turnovers is not going to cut it. Milo bobbling the punt and gets dropped was a killer. Doege looked really really bad and those picks killed us.

This was a winnable game even with shooting ourselves in the foot time and time again but bottom line its another lost. Obvious positive was Tino looked really sharp and I have to wonder why Cory left Doege in so long? I know hindsight is 20/20 but really Doege I didn't think showed anything to keep him in. I would say the quarterback rotation may have come to an end.

George was strong and love the hit on Tate. Cornish is soft and he can't take the cold as I said hit him and he will wilt like a flower in the frost.

Something to build on but not much time to do it and now we need help again from Toronto and Hamilton to keep things the same in the standings. Positives to take from this game is the Stamps does look beatable. Negatives too little too late and again the turnovers.

Well we gave them a scare and the offense should feel much more confident in Tino. Now no steps backwards and get ready for the Als and on the road to boot. Certainly not going to be an easy game either as we always play bad there. Time to step it up and get the win.

Well for approx 2 1/2 full quarters with the offence doing nothing, the defence did great in the first half, and started to look beaten in the third.

And then low and behold, a Depalma touchdown sparks the team.

At the end of the day, the Riders didn't deserve to win this game, but I'm sure feeling a lot better after this loss than I did against the Edmonton loss... I thought Tino came in and looked real impressive. So he has another week to work on things for Montreal...
I don't think the Riders should hold their heads low after this one. They do need to realize that you can't just "turn it on" and win a football game in 22 minutes of time.

One of the things that is truly missing is the big leg of Ricky Schmidt. On Kick-offs Milo can't even hit the 30 yard line... Calgary owned the field position battle all night.

Like I said before, After Tino's performance, I feel better going forward. I just hope that as a young QB, he can maintain consistency... Hopefully there are no more "deer in the headlights" performances any more

Oh I agree about Milo not cutting it on kickoffs and punts. If not for a holding call another of his low drive punts was returned for a major. Seriously have to look for a different kicker in the off season if they cant find one sooner. Bottom line Milo is not getting the job done in any part of the kicking game. His field goal success has not been great this year either.

As for the offense not producing again Seth sucked period. I didn't like the way he looked in Edmonton and should have been picked off a few more times there and this one was the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned. Get Price up to speed for a backup to Tino because I would be dumping Seth after this games performance plus what he showed in Edmonton.

I am not afraid of going ANYWHERE for a playoff game.

Can't expect a pile more from the d
That Fn punting need fixed now
Should have went for it on 3rd and 1.5
Doggy...dint let the door hit you on the way out. Disgusting
O looked good with an open playbook

Well I wouldn't say it that harsh, I'm sure he played his heart out, but yea, didn't look good.

I've come to find over the years that my favorite part of watching football is guts.

I got 60 minutes of pure guts tonite.

:slow clap:

Didn't like him in preseason
Thought Weber was bad and this guy was worse. Was shocked he made the cut then, he is now number 3 and never takes a snap in football again

You know, I don't mind turnovers, well, I do, but you know...

The happens
The one to Dressler...hey, ok, he took a crack, it wasn't a horrid pass.
The next interception he had all day, perhaps o.e of the best blocking plays possible, move up and absolutely duffed a lame duck INT.
The next one was not as bad, but darned near.

He is not remotely talented enough, not even in contention of pondering if he might be. Push him off the nipple...take him out back of the barn...deoge is doneso

Which one to Dressler or suppose to be to Dressler? I assume the one over the middle but yes that floater he hung up there when Dressler was wide open and he under throws him bad was even worse. The one over the middle there was three defenders around Dressler and he still tried to force it in there. The other one was a total joke.

Still think a big part of this loss does fall on Cory for sticking with him for so long. He was making poor decisions and even poorer passes. I don't know if he was just making sure he gave Deoge every possible chance to shine and now that he didn't I hope the axe is about to fall. He didn't throw well and the he didn't scramble at all.Plus he coughs up the fumble which killed us in field position and lucky to even get it back. It wasn't like those picks were even close to being to our receivers so yeah put him on the next bus out of town.

Well I thought the D could have maybe stepped it more on the last drive, but maybe they just didn't have enough gas in the tank from the first half... They did play lights out in that first half

Yes the punting does need to get fixed. And so does the kickoffs from the Tee. Milo can't even hit the 30 yard line. Opposing teams are almost guaranteed the 45 or 50 yard line without breaking a sweat

As far as gambling at that point with tie game... Not so sure. The D had seemed to get a spark again after the Depalma touchdown.. And they really did shut Tate down for 4 possessions in the 3rd and 4th quarter. You have to put faith in them to go get a stop when Calgary starts in their own 25. And unfortunately that didn't happen..

I feel bad for Doege... He really seems like a good kid, unfortunately I think he was too nervous. Realistically, IMO, he put too much pressure on himself, and just didn't have the touch on the ball. I think you have to let him and Price fight it out for #3

The penalty on the field goal was the nail in the coffin. Realistically the D did get their stop. And Tino did get them into field goal range. It could have been an OT thriller (pending Milo puts it through from 40 +. But at the end of the day it just wasn't meant to be. The Riders realize that you can't win against a good football team by only playing 21 minutes of the game. There are 3 things they need to take out of this game:

First... They showed character. To come back and score 24 points and almost pull that game out is an accomplishment!

Second... They need to be more consistent, and need to play a full 60 minutes. They just proved to themselves that they are never out of a game. So they have to play hard every snap, doesn't matter what the score is

Third... Tino is the guy while DD is on the shelf. Put him in first team reps in practice, and tell him he is the guy sink or swim.. Whether they win or lose, it will pay dividends down the road.... He proved that he is capable. He just has to be consistent too

Nervous or not, thus far any time he has stepped onto the field he does nothing but try to force balls on stupid passes. He reminds me of Bishop minus the arm and athletic ability.

His first pass in Edmonton was extremely lucky to go right through two Eskimos before falling incomplete. On his one big completion to Dressler he forced it into tight coverage and Dress saved it with a circus catch, but Getzlaf was open on the other side of the field. The very next play he hung up a duck for a pick.

Against Calgary he should have had 4 picks, the Stamp defender dropped one that hit him in the hands early in the game. The first pick I could excuse, that's the kind of thing that could happen to any rookie QB. The last two were glaringly obvious that he had no idea which way his receiver was going. They were open when the ball left his hand but nowhere near where the receiver was supposed to go. That 2nd one was a pump and go. He threw it to the pump just as Dressler was going - if you can visualize that. If he put it deep they probably score. Instead it's a disaster. To me that says that he doesn't know the offense, or at least that it gets scrambled in his head due to game pace.

He did make one impressive play against Calgary. In the first quarter he stepped up in a collapsing pocket and fired a strike to Bagg (pretty sure it was Bagg) for a big first down, 15ish yards. That play was nice to watch.

One play out of how many though? And actually I counted at least 5 that could have been picked including the 3 that were. Bottom line that is not going to cut it. Cortez looked like he was about to blow a valve after the third one. I still don't know why he was left in after that. Nice guy or not doesn't make you a good football player and when your getting paid to do a job its either perform or your gone. To me he hasn't shown anything that indicates we should keep him.

Yup. Perhaps he needed more development time and could have been great. Well, life is not always fair unfortunately and sometimes the "opportunities" one receives are when they on a troubled ship. You may not have the desired experience, but it is still your opportunity. Put it this way. DD is coming back this year or next...there will be 2 other QBs...I would think Tino will be offered a spot, or is on the right path for that opportunity at this point, and I tend to think that Price will get more than a fair shake at the other spot.