Stamps vs Riders

He just wishes he was meals there and all. Clearly the owners are massive fans...Cornish might regret giving them ideas.

I have met Cornish lots, and I want to like him because he is a great player, but every time I meet him I dislike him more as a person though and through. Shame.

He does have a good point.. Italian Star does make a good sandwhich.

In all seriousness tho Calgary hasn't exactly been playing good football and could very easily be on a three game losing streak. Our d should be hungry and force some turnovers. I think we win a close one 21-16 with help from our d and special teams.

Sounds like Boudreaux is getting in according to Cory Chamblain...

I'm not worried about our defence. And yes, the Stamps haven't necessarily lit it up lately. I like how we match up against them. Any word on whether Charleston Hughes is back? He is a big part of that front 4.

Chamblain has also been impressed with the intensity of practice, so that is a good sign.

I just hope the Offense can step it up. With Taj out and Getzlaf struggling, our only real weapons left are Bagg & Dressler. A combination of Swain/Schilens/R. Smith are still inexperienced and need to step up. I agree with Depop that it would be nice to get the 3 headed monster back in the line-up, simply because we know Ford/Allen/Messam have experience and can make plays to take pressure off Bagg and Dressler.

As usual, I can't make a prediction... When I do they lose, so I'm not going to jinx it.

Unlike EDM the Stamps will offer no big surprises like Joh White popping back in the line up fresh and in full gear.
Cornish and the cast of receivers the Riders know well.
On offense the Riders just had to absorb what happened in EDM but will be the better for it. Sunseri is not going to suddenly become an all star. He was able to sit out the second half and watch with Durant.
Cortez opened up the playbook a bit more for Sunseri in the second half of the Ottawa game. EDM controlled the ball so well that the O really did not get a chance to do anything.
Now a month in as starter Cortez can put the three headed monster back into the game plan.
Taj Smith will hurt for sure but Sunseri is comfortable with Bagg and Dressler. Getz is do and can step it up no doubt. Schillens will be an unknown factor for the Stamps D. Likely Starting at the WR spot will be much more comfortable for him. No waggle just running the deep routes with a big 6'4" frame gives Sunseri a receiver who he can take some shots downfield with.

CFLSteve highlights a great point that the return and showing of White rather caught the D off gaurd, and that shouldn't happen this week. That said, Mitchel sounds like he will be back.

As for Boudreaux, they have been playing with some interesting looks where he rolls into coverage, and also they but 5 on the DL. This is pretty interesting, and could lead to something I mentioned a earlier somewhere on here...they could very well be looking at rolling one of these DEs into that LB spot periodically, keeping Foley, Chick and Boudreaux on during running downs. With essentially a non-existant 2 tackle a game inside LB of late, this could be huge. All 3 of these guys are top end at reacting to the play, so if one of them can adjust to breaking into coverage even half decently it really puts the D in a hole new place.

For WRs, I am not concerned. Get the ball to these guys, that is step 1. Next week or 2 the team will have some players coming back and that will shore all of that up.

...serious? if that would be satisfying for you then you're a pretty sick person Jim...

Doege is starting, Adcock is starting over X
TaterTot is apparently starting for the Huff
Maze not practicing
Doege has looked miles better than Tino in practice according to a friend who was there a lot the past couple of weeks. From what I have seen in highlight videos of him, he has the accuracy, but I really question arm strength.

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin announced on Wednesday that rookie quarterback Seth Doege will get the start on Friday when they host the Calgary Stampeders (8:00 pm, TSN, CKRM).

"The decision was made yesterday and we'll move forward with Seth for this game," Chamblin reported. "Tino and Seth both have different skillsets but when I look at it, but for this week I thought it was a chance to get Seth a chance to see what he has and what's moving forward. When I looked at it, they both complete the ball and throw it well but he had a good command of the huddle this week so I want to see him go forth."

Chamblin was asked if it was a tough decision given the fact Tino Sunseri has started the past three games while Doege will be making his first pro start.

"I'm one of those coaches that it doesn't matter what a lot of people say should be done," Chamblin said. "I think I've made a lot of decisions since I've been here the past three years and some of it's off of gut and different things like that. Sometimes it works for that week and sometimes it works for the season. That's where my gut is right now and I'm going to go with that."

Chamblin was asked how Sunseri received the decision.

"Disappointment, that's a part of football because they're both competitors," Chamblin explained. "As far as accepting it, no one wants to hear it but they know that's a part of football. Like I said you never know how things end. Maybe he gets another shot or maybe he doesn't, I don't know. But our focus is on Seth this week."

Chamblin was asked how much offensive coordinator George Cortez played into the decision.

"We had a long discussion yesterday day and we had a long discussion today," Chamblin continued. "It was a big part of the decision-making process. But at the end of the day I'm the head coach and I have to live with the ultimate decision that's made and we go from there. We had the conversation and we ended up pretty much on the same page with what we thought and where we wanted to go."

Meanwhile over in Calgary, Stampeders coach John Hufnagel announced Drew Tate will start at quarterback against the Riders

No not serious tongue in cheek. Meaning they seem to love Regina so much a extended stay may be justice.

I am surprised that Doege is starting but I am not the coach and I am not there in practice. If he has caught on quick and can better manage the game than go for it I say.
It also gives the Riders the surprise. no one has any idea or film on Doege.
The defense knows Calagary inside and out.
On offense i could see the three headed monster back in RB. Even without Taj Dressler, Bagg, and Getz... not too bad.
Dressler got the full attention with his punt returns. Would not be surprised to see them swith it up back to T Jackson on punt returns and Ford the main on kick offs with dressler in on FGs.
Broudeaux Chick Foley, and Hilee Taylor schemes can be crazy.
Hurl as good as Peters and Kilgore easily packaged in to balance any ratio should Foley rotate out and Taylor or Broudeux in opposed to Lee.
Riders have flexibility in all 3 phases to keep teams guessing.
Cortez is Cortez and the DC and Teams Coordinators know these players inside and out.
Oh time to get the Aussie back in as punter and have milo focusing striclty on FGs. The Aussie also has some crazy punts and is a great athlete for any fake punt surprises.

Now it sounds more like Tate is getting the start. Not sure if this is all a ruse to keep the Riders guessing but if it is Tate then as I mentioned for God sake DON'T BITE ON THE PUMP FAKE!! That is his mo and he loves to use it. The safety is going to have to be smart and help the deep coverage. If they do it properly they can bait Tate into thinking the pump fake is open by showing safety blitz and dropping back after running close to the line but not rushing and get tate to throw into coverage and get a pick or two.

well, CC said Doege did a better job owning the huddle. I have to wonder if that is a polite way of saying Tino has lost his teammates?

Doege played basically a half last week, so there is some video, though yeah, it is light.

When it comes down to it, Tino simply didn't do enough with his shot. Not saying he played horrid or anything, I am just not convinced he is the right QB for this team right now. Tino is 48/90...not bad for a guy just starting out. 3 TD to 2 INT, again, fair enough. His yardage average is even double digits. On paper, he looks okay as a new starter...watching him tells a bit of a different story though. He could very easily be the starter for the Riders again, or heck, end up playing a good chunk of this game, but what will be interesting...seeing who works short yardage.

Playing Hurl definitely gives more rotation options with Foley, which will keep him a lot fresher. It will be interesting to see if Kilgore makes the 44. I assume X will be on the 46 but not 44, and Peters can rotate in to cover the spot in a pinch behind Hurl, and LeGree take his spot. It sounds like they intend to dress him for ST and some rotational play, but who knows. If not, I would think he will be polishing up his resume pretty quickly.

The most that was ever said with Bo to the press is that he might be ready to he was in full practice earlier in the week. It was mentioned in here earlier that Tate was starting. Tate is definitely a guy who can burn you deep, and the Riders have been pulling Brack up a lot this year, so that could sting. Wouldn't be shocked if he plays a bit more of a traditional Safety roll this week. If it was me, I would try LeGree subbing in on Safety (he sure seems to know how to be in the right spot), putting Brack up as LB, and Peters rotating with Hurl. Between Brack and Harris or Brown, the outside LB is covered and they are all good enough to let the inside guy cheat on certain gaps...concentrating more on the A+A and B+B and perhaps one of the C gaps, leaving the short side C gap to the outer LB. Takes a little pressure off, provides better reaction time...especially if Brack is on the wide side.

I just saw an interview with Drew Tate. He threw Dickinson under the bus for Calgarys red zone woes over the past few games. This guy doesn't seem like a team player at all and I'm glad he isn't on our team. I cant wait to see this guy on his back all night tomorrow.

Yeah, I keep meaning to put a post up about that with a link...funny...what an idiot. The guy is imbalanced. Perhaps he and Bungle should hang out.

IMO he sees it as a chance to take a dig at Dave because Dave was likely a big part in the decision of him rolling back to #2

Yea I couldn't believe it when I heard that. Can you say career suicide? Huff not happy about that :lol:

Well ... when's the last time someone's been shutout in back-to-back games?

They're gonna get rolled anyways. Might as well rest guys.

I think anyone who bets against the Riders this week is going to at minimum be sweating bullets. This should be a great game...Some Riders know they are playing for jobs after being shut out and Calgary has not exactly been a steam roller of late...dropping to the Als and slipping by BC. The Riders have actually outscored the Stamps over the past 2 weeks, even with the shutout.

Are the Stamps the favorite...yup, but this game has a high probability of an upset IMO.

The Stamps are missing their interior (DTs), so the Riders might be able to run up the gut with a lot of success, and that's what I am counting on...the Riders OL should win that battle. Charleston Hughes, Corey Mace, Ben D'Aguilar, Demonte' Bolden, Micah Johnson...a lot of DL out. Sounding like the West Final from last year just a tad. Yannick Carter is also missing, a pretty key National STer (crying shame the Riders never held onto him).

The Riders also have 9 DL on the 46, likely to dress 8, so they clearly want to keep fresh and concentrate on Cornish and are concerned the O might very well struggle as much as last week and want extra bodies for the DL. The Stamps, IMO, have the best OL in the CFL, but if the DL can stay fresh and get their pass rush going full on again...this could be a dandy of a game, even with the offensive woes.

I'm an optimistic guy generally, but I have not sensed a more imminent loss for the Riders since 2011. The Stamps have been waiting for this game since last November. They will not be so 'up' for a (regular season) game this year. This game has been circled in blood since the schedule came out and it just so happens that the Riders are totally depleted and banged up at just the right moment. This one will be over at the coin toss.

Don't fire all your ammo in a lost cause. I'm not by any means saying throw the game, but this is almost a nothing game at this point. Rest up. The Riders are in the middle of a 14 game stretch between byes - the longest of any team in the league this year. They have lots of guys who need to heal up. This is basically a nothing game. Beat Calgary when it matters, in a West Final or a Grey Cup.

It's going to be fairly cold by game time and the best way to slow Cornish down is keep hitting him from the knees down and bruise him up. He will stiffen up as it gets colder during the game. Keep concentrating on the shins as there is less meat there and just keep popping him two, three guys all pounding him over and over again. As for Tate go for the shoulders. hands and elbows again with it being cold the fingers will be sensitive and can lose feeling pretty easily . This is war and no time to take any prisoners.

Yes Huff and the Stamps are going to try and get into the Riders head by trying to dominate them if that is instead turned around it is certainly going to be in their heads for the rest of the season. I say we play like Ottawa did against us with the nothing to lose mentality and everything to gain. No this isn't just about standings this is about physiological warfare. Hit your opponent and hit him hard. If we lose then we at least we didn't go down without a fight and if show that we are not going to back down to them it could pay off down the road.

Well I think they should play to win, and to hell with the Stamps. A home playoff game is on the line here and I don't think the Riders want to go to Edmonton for the West semi. As far as firing all the ammo, I think Cortez is smart enough to not open up the whole playbook. I think back to the West Final in Calgary last year and they unleashed a lot of new stuff in that game with both Sheets and Saunders. So I think Cortez and staff will play to win. But I know they still have tricks up their sleeve for later.