Stamps vs Riders

All right now that I have taken a dozen bottles of peto bismal I think the queasy feeling in my stomach after that Eskimo game has subsided for now. However I think I better get another case because this weeks game could get real sick real fast unless the Riders can do a 180 in performance from the last one.

Issues to be addressed are not that many but they are certainly big. On offense the inability to get decent yardage on first downs is huge. Having to go second and long almost every series is a recipe for many two and outs. They have to get 4-6 yards on first down to have a good chance of converting on second. I don't care if its by air or ground its the same difference as far as moving the ball is concerned. If they insist on the run then the O line really has to step up and make some holes. I wish they would attack the perimeter a bit more instead of trying to bust it up the gut almost all the time.( Im not even going to bring up using a two back system, oops I guess I just did :wink: ) If they are to use the pass have the receivers make quick breaks and get the ball to them fast, let them try to get yard after the catch. Get the D off the line of scrimmage and if you have success getting first downs on the quick or hot routes they will start playing for them that is when you break one up and over to burn them, but to do that you have to set the trap first. Tino or whoever they use must get the ball out of their hands fast,none of this holding it and looking and then looking for something else and then going back to the first guy. by that time either a holding penalty will be called or he will be sacked or the guy he is going to is covered. Make a read and throw it, or at least tuck and run. Getting sacked kills almost any hope of getting a first down and field position.

As for defense again pretty obvious they are going to have to stop or at least contain Corndog and that isn't going to be an easy task. If Tate is in for God sake don't bite on the pump fake. He loves to use it a couple of times at least in a game and BC got burned on it and we all know the Riders have in the past too. The D line is going to have to have on its best games all season to help plug gaps but also knock both Corndog and Tater tot around a bit. If its Mitchell in pretty much the same thing applies, get heat and hit hard.
I honestly don't know if the Riders can win this one but I do expect them to compete. If we get embarrassed in our own building as bad or worse then last week the rest of the season may be really really long to grind out.

it will be interesting to see what the D has for this game...can't help but wonder if they've silently given up knowing the offence can't help them. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'll come to play but will their hearts be in it?

Yes it must be pretty frustrating for them to be on the field for most of the game but they can't worry about what the offense does or doesn't do. Instead they have to take care of things on their side of the game and just hope for the best on offense. The worst thing that could happen is for the D start pointing fingers at the O and get into a pi****g contest. Nothing is accomplished by it and it just breaks the team further apart. Heck everybody knows there is an elephant in the room is the lack of offensive production, just don't feed it and hopefully it goes away.

This isn't an offense only issue or a defense only issue they both have to get it together and play as a team. Pretty easy for things to break down in a situation like this. The sign of a good team is not letting that happen but instead help each other to resolve the issue. I guess in the next week or so we will find out which we have.

The O definately needs to do something to spark the team as a whole.

IMO that can only be done by establishing a running game, and IMO that can only heppen when Best returns or Adcock steps in to shore up the line. Nobody like rolling with 2 imports on the OL, but something has to give. Best is eligable after this week, and is supposedly potentially practicing this week.

I am not too worried about the D...I think they will bounce back, though have concerns at LB...that said, I think Kilgore may be on a short leash. I have little doubt he would already be sitting if they had another import...too bad that option was injured.

Well I guess our deep threat is out of the picture for the rest of the season now. Taj is done with a broken clavicle. Still think it was a cheap shot given the time of it. It wasn't like if the defender would have laid off that hit it would have made any difference in the game. Instead he saw an opportunity to crank someone and even rub more salt in the wounds and he took it.

Yes Taj has not been a big factor all year but seriously how many balls were even thrown his way? Tough year for Taj I hope next one is much better for him personally both on and off the field.

I do not think that anyone could have prepared for what the ESKS unleashed with a Helathy White and Reilly. No such surprises to prepare for the Stamps offense so preping for them with Tate and now with the next two Esks games will come down to who will execute better. The Riders D certainly can win those battles.
On the O end the Riders offense could not even get onto the field do do anything. Doege got a chance to play and another week of the playbook added for sunseri to open back up the 3 headed monster running attack and still continue the Dressler connection.
Shots down field to dressler and even a likely much more comfortable Shillens big frame as a boundry WR oppose to the SB and Waggle.
The Riders could actually come up with some surprises of their own with different personal groupings with not much if any film on

I agree... But that is only if the coaches design a game plan accordingly. Most have been preaching that the game plan needs to adjust from DD's strengths, to Sunseri's strengths. And I haven't seen that yet. So here is to hoping!

And heaven forbid we ever try a trick play or a reverse to keep the opposition defense guessing... I read somewhere else that our Offense has become predictable. Just think to the play action when Ford caught the TD pass against Ottawa.. The Riders need some creativity like that when opposing defences are anticipating our normal tendencies.

If you think back to the Ottawa game, the RedBlacks did a lot of "trick" plays to do anything they could to win. Maybe it's time the Riders pulled a trick play out of the books to try get something going. IMO, it can't hurt to try!

A trick play for them would be to get a first down. Seriously though not sure how much they can throw in as far as a"trick" play goes heck they have a hard enough time executing what they have been doing all year. Now that doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't try it. Even if they did use what is in the playbook but with a different look to it that would even help.

They don't need any trick plays. They just need to execute. Allen needs to seal his gap on 3rd and 1 QB edge (HELLO!). Kilgore nees to be replaced with someone who's not lost on a football field, and they need to give Tino a couple more targets to choose from even if it means having less than 9 guys in pass protection (although they have been getting better at this).

I was thinking something as subtle as a direct snap to Dressler on a sweep or something... Just something different.

Not sure if anyone watched the Saints Cowboys last night. Anyway, Saints run a play where OLine starts a push to the left side, with the right side tight end blocking and pushing left... They fake the hand off left and as soon as Brees pulls the ball, he cuts back to the right side of the field at the same time the tight end releases and runs a route... Bree's hits him for a 12 yard gain.
Messam could provide options like that...

It's maybe not a trick play, but it is a complete misdirection play.

I do agree that the execution part definitely needs to get better though!

Agreed and that is what I meant by using what is all ready in the playbook but with a different look to it. Yes having a guy line up directly behind the qb every time and running it up the gut is far to predictable, need to use some off tackle stuff or hand off to the running back and have dressler come end around and have the running back pitch it to him. Not high risk and yes it keeps defenses honest and thinking. Its pretty easy when you know its a running play to plug the middle and if its a passing play just rush straight ahead. Have to make the target harder for the defenses to hit instead of pin your ears back and go full forward straight ahead.

Save the trick plays for the playoffs. 9-9 or not, Riders ARE going to the playoffs and no one will want to play them in the playoffs. That's all that matters.

F**king believe it.

He may not have had big yards, but he has had some key big catches late in games and has been doing top notch blocking. Those will both be missed.

I agree Taj has helped on the blitz even though at times it hasn't seemed like it. Personally I like the guy even though he messed up a bit on his own time. He seems like he genuinely tries his best every game and is a team player. Like I said I hope things heal well and quick for him and he gets back for the playoffs and next year he can do even better.

The Riders and Cortez did have the luxury to play it careful with Sunseri for the first game and a half. They opened up the playbook a bit more the second half to beat Ottawa. The ESKS games it would not have mattered who started. Sunseri got a chance to sit and watch for a half and now will be entering his 4th start so adding more to make a run at beating the Stamps would bring them to 2-2 with Sunseri. Even if the lose it is 1-3 and still a strong playoff position.
They will open it up more and more with each game. with the good record when Durant went down they could be very systamatic and have him game managing at his highest possible level come the last game and into the playoffs.

Sounds like Mitchell may be the starter and is he a bit cocky or what? Here is a quote from him on tsn. ""Someone did an interview right before the season and asked me what my favourite thing about football is and it's silencing a stadium," Mitchell said.

"Going into somebody else's house and somebody likes to be loud like Sask., like the Seattle Seahawks, and just hearing that stadium go silent is probably the greatest noise there is."

Sounds to me he thinks that is exactly what he is going to do. I wish there was some way to get this to the Riders and they can put that up on the board in the locker. I know they shouldn't need any incentive after the Edmonton game but I also think that promotional stunt the Lions tried with "guaranteed win" did pump the whole team up a little bit more to make them eat their words. This could fall under the same category and I would love nothing more to see him pay dearly for it.

Its one thing to think it and one thing to say it among other team mates but to do it in an interview is a bit cocky and I would love to see Chick and company make him wish he would have kept his big mouth shut.


The Stamps haven’t played at Mosaic Stadium since Week 2 of last season, and they haven’t won there since Aug. 25, 2012. But Stamps running back Jon Cornish is certainly excited to play there this Friday.

“There’s two things I remember about playing in Regina,? Cornish said. “One, I love getting Italian Star before every game. It’s my favourite sandwich shop in all of Canada.

“Two, I love watching the disappointed faces on Rider fans as they leave after a loss. There’s nothing better. They are so angry from all the beer they have been drinking the whole day. It will be an 8 o’clock game. Everybody will be drunk at the game. Seeing them go home unsatisfied . . . I want nothing more"

If you think BLM is getting the talk going, here is what Cornish had to say. Not necessarily yapping at the Rider players, but more at the fans.....

I say the fans need to make this stadium on Friday louder than it ever has before... And regardless of the score, make it loud all game long to know that we support our team win or lose.....

Man talk about being an A**hole. Nothing would be more satisfying then if him and Mitchel end up spending the night in one of our fine Health care facilities. Hopefully it will be a warm night and the window will be open in their room and they can listen to all the drunken Rider supporters outside.

So he likes sandwiches from Italian star hmm. How about someone slip a laxative into his and watch him make a dash off the field to the locker room. Knowing Jon and his fondness for mooning Rider fans he wouldn't wait to get to the locker room to drop his pants.

LOL!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I forgot about that night at Mosaic where there was two "Full Moons" out!