Stamps vs Riders

I wonder if either'll choke as bad as the Eskimos...

if anyone's going to choke, it'll be HENRY BURRIS.

Stamps probably will. The Riders are looking like the Sask team from 2008.

the stamps are out to reclaim the red and white

GO STAMPEDERS!!! Break a leg. Oh wait...

keep feeding reynolds the ball.

Nooo! I need a Sask win so I can finish above .500 for the first time this season. :lol:

oooh a challenge already.. I don't know but I think Stamps will keep it.

wow.. they got it and that surprises me.

man, these Nissan people don't know me at

burris the INT king

...and almost a third.

must think he's a rider again....

Got busy chatting online, and forgot about the game. Little surprised that it's 7-7 going into the half.

Man, Climie's pretty peeved about that INT. Holy crap. :lol:

I had a feeling that he was speaking from personal experience in , "I did that bonehead move soooooo many times..." Hahaha!

I agree with Suitor. Rodriguez should've tried to get more yards. He was pretty close already.

I wish they would lower the bass on the music they play during breaks at McMahon. The pounding is drowning out Cuthbert and Suitor. It is so annoying.

Turn down your sub. I don't have a problem with it.

i like hearing stegall 's analysis over clime.

i'd rather hear from a legend than a run-of-the-mill receiver.

I guess the Stamps figured out pre-season is over. 19-10. Come on, Riders. Don't wanna finish 2-2! :x :lol:

It's not my TV settings. McMahon is the only stadium where there is a problem with the bass.