Stamps vs Riders.

Opinions are welcome, but please refrain from Mike Kelly type of responses.

Chick and Baggs are key. Don't over commit on pursuit angles, keep burris pressured and off balance in the pocket.
-Renauld Williams must plug the middle on both Reynolds and on a scrambling Burris.
- Romby Bryant has turned into a Burris favorite, their threat combos will kill us if Burris has time for an accurate throw.
-I'd rather have Burris forced to rely on Nik Butterball Lewis, Ralph and Johnson,

Establish passing game,work with DD's strengths, to the outside,high percentage passes to the flat and crossing routes.
- Quick developing screen's to Cates, Armstead
-Off-tackle running plays with Foorde, Cates and even Durant.
-Initially stay away from the futile draw plays, go with strengths, establish ball control.

Special teams.
Armstead is the man...............

That is all. thanks, and please be kind.


Stop the run, our 4 dlinemen have to play good with containment
create turnovers


need a running game so their dmen can’t pin their ears back and go after Durant
I think they should bring back the Reggie Slack play
fake it or give to Szarka, flip to Charles (sorry Cates but you lost a step) or Durant run yourself
You can still throw from this too
This will help our oline
Gene and the guys need to have good game

Have Gainer go in there at halftime to rally the troops lol
or maybe make the half time adjustments


The biggest key of all is for Durant to have a good solid game.. no Hamilton repeat!

the Defense needs to show up and make this their biggest game of their lives to this point!

:lol: In any forum, using Mike Kelly as the example is becoming funny. Kind of like in the movie 'Kingpin" to get "Munson'ed"

well guys as a diehard after last week game a good workout on the leaf blower for a couple days has settled my anger and nerves so on to this week
so hear it is we all know that we are a contender so lets play the stumps hard and mean then you can ease up a week cause you’ll be rested and ready for the final then off to the GC I know 1 step ata time but with this game at home you know your 13th man is gonna make a huge difference for you guys hopefully and believe me we love to see wanky hanky falter so a few IP should be in the works from us for you guys mean and very punishing D foot on throat kinda thing and pls don’t let up in the third qtr don’t worry henry will be wearing extra thick panties there fore it will mostly his ego thats bruised and battered as for the O if the big boys up front hold the fort so darian doesn’t get beat to death and if cates is going noware we have others (sorry wes I think you’ve lost a step IMO ) pls coach PLP mix it upand beat them with what works we can smother these guys on D

This game will show us what type of a team we have...rise up to the challenge OR hit and miss. I'm excited for the guys, but by no means will I say whether the guys will win or lose...I'm not waffling, just not sure how the team will come out on Saturday. Cautiously optimistic I am.

if we win this game vs Calgary, I am very confident that we can get to the Big game in Calgary! because this Game on Saturday is more important at this stage in the season than any other game in such a long time!

When the Riders show up and defeat the Stamps, there is no reason why we can't defeat whoever we'd meet in the WF..

on last nights in the huddle marshall hamilton said he doesn't believe our guys will pull this off this weekend because we don't have our backs completly to the wall therefore we might not get up for this game BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS
well how could a team playing at home not want to get up for the chances of finishing 1st and hosting the west final in 30plus years like I said in a earlier post foot to throat dominate and dictate the entire game
so heres to a great game saturday ---in 2 weeks hosting spank again in the WF from there into spanky hankys home team locker room in his house I bet that would frost his cupcake a nice rider green :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's an interesting perspective by Marshall Hamilton.

The Ti-Cat stink fest was enough. It's hard to believe a serious Cup contender could flatline in back-to-back games, especially against the dreaded Stamps.

But then again, beating the Stamps twice more is asking allot from any team.

If the roughies arent up for this game, their bums
As Gene M said during interview, the fans deserve a west final.
That is half right, the other half winning will make life a hell of a lot easier.
Which I know they have never once made their life easier ( by losing those impt games)

Hope Miller is telling the guys
"All we need is 180 strong, dedicated minutes in front of our fans.
The Grey Cup is there for us, work your asses off and its ours"


Calgary's defense is not the greatest, and our offense can put up points against them. It comes down to how well our defense can limit Henry Burris and his receivers as well as Jeoffrey Reynolds. If we can hold them to less than 30 points, I think we win.

The only reason I think we may be in some trouble is because we can't run the ball which is something you have to do, especially when it gets cold out. You can't honestly expect Darian to go sling it 300+ yards in the playoffs and GC if we make it there. Thankfully it has not been brutally cold but who knows what the next couple of weeks will bring. So we can't run the ball which makes it tough to put together long physical drives and it also puts our D on the field and with the way they have played is just tough to predict.

Both teams have a lot on the line..Calgary has the GC this year so they will want to be in the best position to get there in front of their fans and we are trying to win for the first time since 76..Ottawa has hosted a WF since then..

If our D holds together and we can get some type of running game going then we have an awesome shot at winning Saturday and getting to the big dance.

I will go off the mark a little bit here..but my x-factor for the GC run is Stu Foord. Cates will need to step up but I think Stu can bring that extra burst in the backfield and he is a guy other teams will not be focusing on.

I would say something about Lapolice but what is the point..our athletes are going to have to make him look like a genious. Well actually I will say a couple things :slight_smile: cut back on the shotgun draws..use more misdirection(not sure if we have the line for that though) and screens and qb draws on something other than 2nd and 15+.

I really doubt the WR screens will work but that is ok, I think we need to use them. Calgary has very physical corners as we all know. Give them what they want, throw the hitches, run sweeps, do quick outs...set them up. We will have at least one shot to go vertical if we can bait them and I fully believe we can. Get Armstead out there and one pump and he will get behind the coverage and as long as DD gets the ball to him it is a big play, possibly 6 on the board. I like the full sprint plays we run but again I question if we have the line to give Darian the time. The one misdirection play that I really like is the fake fb dive then pitch it to cates going the other way. I mainly love the play because we use it once every couple games! Too bad we killed the play where the slot comes on the sweep(option) then the second phase is the shotgun draw(again option) and the final phase is everybody floods to one side and nothing comes of that play anymore because we beat it to death..brought it back to life only to kill it again.

I don't think anything I mentioned is unrealistic or something we can't do. Just a matter of preparation and making the proper adjustments, unfortunately the latter has been absent this season.

Defensively we need to get massive pressure with our front 4. I'm still not sold on MM in the middle and Lucas can't cover..sure he makes a lot of tackles..after he gives up a catch and a first down. When is the last time he has make a solo tackle facing a guy? I honestly can not recall..we need to move Tad back to lb and keep him there or don't play him at all. He is doing a very good job at linebacker and he is gettign exposed as a db. I would rather a raw rookie take his spot. Basically if we can contain Burris and limit Joffery we will have success. Make Burris a pocket passer, collapse the pocket. No doubt they will make plays and they will move the ball in between the 20's. We need to step up when it matters and hold them to FG attempts.

The name of the game is consistency. I know we CAN play consistent football but WILL we...we shall see on Saturday.

good points...

Durant is the big key. if he can play like he has before the Hamilton game... then we have a great shot!

the O-Line will need to step it up and give Cates some lanes to run in! we need to keep the ball, eat up the clock!

I'm confident the Defense will do their job.. we just need our entire offense to come out and play their best game!

We'll get up for the game, but the guys might fold under the pressure. An unfortunate, but possible scenario.

Cant wait!!!!!!! Sweet tickets for tomorrow, GO GREEN!!!!! I believe in you guys

It's up to the offensive and defensive line. The offensive line must hold their blocks and create running lanes for Cates. They have not been solid on opening those lanes for Cates. The defensive line needs to get a good push and not let Reynolds break through. If we can excel there we will excel everywhere.