Stamps vs Riders on Thursday

good point, but will the stadium be home away from home? Calgary fans have really improved their presence at games hosting the Riders. I can recall games where it was 80%+ Rider fans, but lately it has been split.

Also, important to note though, the only time a visiting team has won, is when the Riders were a visiting team.

Ti-cats you beat but also remember they have made major changes to their team and are still trying to gel together. I expect to see them get better then they were when you faced them.

yup...that team in week one was struggling to no end. your dreams friend, it was never 80%+ and not even split lately, do you even go to game here or are you basing this off watching TV where they zero in on one section of green? at the height of the green plague it was at best 35% to 40% green (which is pretty admirable by any stretch for a visiting team), last year the green was down to pathetic levels (your calgary-based casual rider fans jumping off the wagon)...

...go check out other threads on this subject from years past and stand corrected...

I generally make 4-5 games a year in Calgary. I felt the last couple seasons it was 35-40% green....well, yeah, last year it was way down, because, well, the Riders sucked. but yes...80% was an exaggeration

I suspect that for this game you'll see an increase in the number of fans. Its on a Thursday :? so people are in town and not out of the city for the weekend. It's a short week but the coach will have them ready to play. The big question is how well will Glenn play?

Ok but where are the Stamps fans when they're in Regina? Oh wait.... There are none.

Not taking anything away from the Riders D. They are a big factor as to why this team is 3-0 at this point in the season. Again, the Riders offense have played 2 pretty good defenses in the past 2 weeks. No doubt they need to put up more points on the board, BUT as others have pointed out 0 turnovers in 3 games is a pretty good stat to have. As well, the Riders were able to move the ball against BC when they were pinned inside their 20 on more than 1 occassion. Had that not happened, BC likely translates those punts into points and likely wins the game.

....nothing wrong with exuberance, especially when it can be toned down now and then with honesty....glad you come here quite a bit, it's good atmosphere, cheers...

...citb, I have no playground reply at the ready, nor the desire to craft one...

I think R&W is being generous with his 35 to 40% Rider fans. At most it’s been around 10-15%, and this is coming from a Rider fan. I’ve been to quite a few Rider/Stamps games in Calgary, and the Green is around the edges, and it’s Red in the middle. It looks impressive because it’s all grouped together, but in reality it doesn’t make up that much of the total. It always looks impressive on TV because TSN zooms in on the areas which are all green. They may make 35-40% of the noise though… :wink:

I generally make around 20 games a year for CFL games, and average probably 5 or so NFL, though last year I believe it was 7 NFL, and only about 12-15 CFL games this year (but who knows...i tend to go to the odd one spur of the moment). I believe I only have 3 NFL facilities left to visit, and I will likely knock those off this year. In the CFL, Regina was generally the loudest on the field in my experience. Favorite place I have watched a game in the last few years was Empire...the stadium was crazy loud because of the temporary construction (stomping) and had a wonderful atmosphere. I like Calgary for atmosphere, but the concords are horrid...1 level is very insufficient.

Regina, IMO, has a leg up on competition because of the tailgate, and it is smart controlling it on the practice make some extra money, and it is not out on the streets. I often wonder why they do not also do one post game a couple times a year, they would make a pending.

Green Bay, Kansas are a riot, and I will be taking in a Raider game this year. Lots of good tailgates down south as well, but it is a whole different thing. I love the idea of tailgating because instead of going down for a few hours for the game you make a day of it, especially drawing for families. It also amps up the crowd a bit, growing the anticipation.

NCAA is another thing all together.

because you don't have one to give. doesn't take a genius to see that Stampeder fans are nothing like Rider fans.. the only place they'll travel to is Edmonton and lately even that place is too far for many these days.

I know Stampeder fans that travel to games. Saskatchewan fans cling a little closer to the Riders because it is the only pro team they have. Also, many travel to Regina to see the games, so they are also used to traveling just to see a home game. Furthermore, a lot of the Rider fans that show up at games in other cities are locals, not traveling. Going back a decade or 2 Saskatchewan was struggling and thus many moved to other cities...remember the "last one out turn out the lights" slogan? For them, the Riders playing where they now live is a little piece of home. This may change a slight bit with the province booming and people returning.

I have often felt that a St John's Newfoundland team would have similar results...many have spread across the country, and would fill stadiums when the team visited. With a population on the Isle of about a 1/2 Mil, they would also probably draw respectable attendance at home as well.

...what?...a crap, hoot or sh!t about what boorish comments you come up with?'re correct...

excuses excuses... :roll:'s not excuses, it's called 'not playing down to your level'...seriously, grow up a bit

...that would be wild, the Edmonton games would be monsterous given the NFLD ex-pats that work the oil patch...

I have grown up man. I'm telling the truth.

Rider fans are unlike anything else out there.

When you rank Fans in the League the Stamps are in the middle of the pack.

it doesn't take much for Stampeder fans to stay away.

you would think that a city of a Million + would have NO PROBLEM selling out McMahon stadium game after game..

but no.

yet a PROVINCE just over a Million People come from hours away and fill a stadium to watch the Riders.

It's a known fact there are Rider fans all over the country.. you can't say that about Stampeder fans.

And yet not sell out a home playoff of only a few in 3+ decades. All fans sway, as a whole, when the team is not playing well...there are the dedicated fans, of course, that still attend and but season tickets when a team musters their only win on the last game of the season