Stamps vs Riders on Thursday

Is Kevin Glenn the X factor?

Kevin Glenn is a non factor. Look for the Riders to thump the stumps.

Non factor?? yeah right, seems to me he was a HUGE factor against Montreal.

...I think he means as a rider fan he's not worried about Glenn being a threat

...the riders will be a good test for the stamps as I think they are better than a 1-2 team, but we'll see

yes, they are better than their record shows. Bomber fans know all about that from a couple years back. a couple heartbreakers for the Stamps in this young season. I think that the ability to protect or not protect Glenn will be a key factor in this match…the Riders got pressure on Lulay, but he was superb at escaping the sacks. Protection and a running game will be keys for the Stamps.

I say Riders by 10 only because their offense has had 3 weeks of playing together, whereas Glenn will still have to work out some of the kinks with his recievers. Calgary will likely be battling for 2nd place come end of the season.

If pick the Risers for each game. After lots of though :roll: I will take the Riders to win. It is written... it is so!!! 8)

It'll likely be a close game, they usually are in Calgary between these 2 teams. Look for Getzlaf to have a big game :wink:

Glenn is a good QB, he's a vet he knows how to do his job. I think the Riders win a close game, only because they have looked better defensively this season.

Someone please glue Cornish's helmet to his head. You know what's going to happen, Cornish is going to be on the brink of breaking a huge gain, and his helmet will pop off and the play will be blown dead. Unfortunately I think that's what it's going to take to get him to get it fitted properly and get a proper chinstrap.

Calgary is going to lose! Therefore it will be by 3 points or less. PROLINE Tie hahaha

I will say at this point the Riders will win.

however I am not going to be all cock-sure this season as It’s still pretty early.

Calgary’s problems are numerous and obvious, but only show at key stages. They looked like contenders in week 1 and pretenders since. Glenn needs to get his head out of his … and in the game. He eats the ball against Montreal instead of throwing up a gift and the Stamps are 2-1. If he had come to play the week before against Toronto they could have won that one and be sitting 3-0.

Saskatchewan has the same problems but more subtly. Offensively inconsistent, but Durant hasn’t out right blown a game yet, not for lack of trying against Edmonton. The rest of their game is in decent shape they just need to be a little more consistent on O.

Short of a Calgary miracle the Riders should have this one without much of a problem, but I also thought they would blow Edmonton out of the stadium.

remember that offenses take a little to gel.. so you can give them a few weeks forgiveness. one of these games (hopefully Saturday's) they'll break out and destroy them.

Riders defense is better enough than the Stamps D that it will be 1 sided enough.

The Riders have played arguably two of the top three defenses in the past two weeks. Of course points are going to be hard to come by in those games.

Points are not the indicator of how good or bad an offense or defense is. Against BC they had 172 passing and 94 rushing for 266 total yards. BC had 345 passing, 115 rushing, 460 total. Last week against Edmonton 203 passing, 124 rushing, 327 total while the Esks had 125 pass, 63 rush, 188 total.

266 yards offense against BC is not great numbers for your offense especially when your D is giving up 460. Against the pathetic Edmonton Eskimos they put up better offensive numbers, 327 yds, but converted that into a grand total of 7 points in the first 58 minutes of the game.

The numbers speak volumes. Saskatchewan is 3-0 on defense, not offense, as a matter of fact since week one in spite of their offense.

Well yardage might not be an indicator as well,after all what about field position, 2 and outs, etc.

True, however if your offense is producing it is usually going to put up good numbers and being near the top in number of punts and second last in time of possession is not the kind of numbers that are generally attached to a "good" offense.

dcmoses, I agree that the Rider offense has not been explosive, week 1 aside, BUT, they also have not turned the ball over once...that makes up for a lot of yards not gained...not pressing the O, but also not making the big mistake. How often do you hear of a team not turning the ball over for 3 games? pretty impressive stat, especially coming off games with 2 rather top end defenses.

They are just off on some of the big plays and suffering from some bad drops...if they can correct 1/2 of that they will look pretty impressive.

Points are not the only tell tale sign of how a offense is doing, but neither are yards. Durant actually has more passing yards than Lulay, and no INTs vs I believe 3, while Sheets is second in rushing. Only AC has a better TD to INT ratio at this point (7-2 vs 4-0), and DD has a 106 rating. More points would be nice to see, there are obviously some concerns there, but they are moving the ball when they are pinned, and they are not turning the ball over. Now, if they start punting from their goal line, or turning the ball over then they are going to have to try to get a bit more adventurous with the O.

good points on the punts, but like 11 came in 1 game. They have pretty much split time of possession with teams thus far.

I think Stamps will win. The way the season has gone so far home team has won almost all the games so far.

Seems to be the only thing you can count on so far.