Stamps vs Lions

All the talk seems to be of the loss of Mitchell.. I think the biggest loss is on the D side and the Lions should be able to exploit the injuries to the Stamps D. Look for a big game by Harris as the Stamps lose 2 straight.

I don’t think so eskie fan.

Picked off - 14-7 Calgary final..

Harris done...

Says it all!!

BC is done if Harris is done.

So, Elimimiam had 10 tackles but Cornish had nearly 160 rushing yards. Do tackles still indicate a good game? :roll:

BC did a better job of shutting him down than I thought. If BC had an offensive it would have been a BC win.

Going to be nice watching Calgary march into regina next week and walk all over the riders…let’s hope for another rider skunk’n! :cowboy:

Big win, keeps the Bombers playoff hopes alive, might come down to the rubber match between Lions and Bombers in Wpg after all....

I hope you are joking. Cornish had 156 yards rushing, or 7.8 yards per carry. Two of those 20 plays had Elimimian sent to do something other than patrol the middle looking for Cornish. In those 2 plays Cornish racked up 81 yards. The 18 plays that had Elimimian looking for Cornish he had 75 yards working out to 4.167 yards per carry, pretty average at best. To put that into perspective, Cornish would have needed 24 touches vs Elimimian to hit 100 yards. When a guy runs the ball 20 times and racks up 2/3 of the teams yards he better get 156 yards.

Considering Calgary is the highest scoring team and has probably the best O line and best pure running back and Elimimian helped keep him to barely 4 yards per carry when he wasn’t sent on some other fool’s errand, I would say that Elimimian had a GREAT game.

Yup. There were at least two plays that Mark Washington (inexplicably) changed BC's defensive formation and had Elimimian stunting the wrong gap which Cornish wisely took advantage of for big gains. There was one head-to-head play that Cornish bounced off Elimimian, but other than that, he was largely held in check (but for the two long gainers).

I think Mitchell would have found receivers in behind coverage that Tate missed (3x), so the outcome perhaps flattered BC a little but given that BC's defense was on the field as much as it was, I thought they played exceptionally well.

while watching the game last night, I noticed the stands were quite full. Even the awful corner seats. I have seen some bungled posts about low attendance and especially about Calgary and loosing money. It seems the stamps attendance is up so far this year. Over 30,000 against BC. The stamps reported a few years ago to break even they need 26,000 a game. Every game so far is above that. And the ticket prices have gone up (only a little). Last year I felt the flooding dropped the attendance a little. Seems that May ahe been the case as it's up this year. A side note--- BBM is reporting very high ratings for all BC games. Could they be getting popular as the Canucks did a few years ago, now one of the more popular NHL teams. Just a positive spin to all the doom and gloom that seems to be posted lately