Big game later today.....Calgary needs a big game and it won't come easy.

Any word on how many Calgary fans and fans are gonna show up altogether? I'm very excited about this one. I drove out to Calgary with my dad recently and we were actually at the game in Calgary vs BC. Also was at the last game at Empire. I'm trying to work something out so I can go to the game tonight.

That or on my TV either way it's gonna be dam exciting. BC Place looks great on TV.

why does this game have to be so late on a saturday?
i have to wait 'til 10pm...seriously?
couldn't have started at 7 ( 4 local time? )?

this can't be good for the tv ratings.

B.C. is due for a fall, Go Stamps Go!!!

Not when i'm in attendance. I just found out i'm going, so +1 to all current attendance figures.

Go Lions!!!! I'm gonna be cheering extra loud this time, like i was in Calgary.

Agreed, and 2 games on Monday is a bit silly. Should be a double header 330pm and 7pm (one hour earlier). I am not a fan of last day of the weekend games.

I see the BC hater is online tonight...

helmet to hand to football to turf


hope his hand is okay...havent heard anything yet

good start for BC

BC off to a good start...keep it going boz!

Wide open Arland Bruce.......7-0 Lions

Gee that Henry Burris always finds ways to screw up.

BC is going to have to shut down Corndog tonight....he has been on a roll.

You must be thinking of the NHL. They will screw fans in the west for eastern ratings, so I'm kinda of glad the CFL thinks more for the poeple going to these games. BC attendance would be less if these games were 2 pm starts..because people want to enjoy the day then go to the game.

14 -0

Looks like BC won't be going down too easy tonight!!!

Cornish played a big part in the recent drive.....Tate in for Cal. TD; 14-7 B.C. leading

Well, perhaps the Stamps are slow out of the gate but now are beginning to catch fire

Is this game's broadcast glitchy or is it just on my end?

No none call on the Cal hold..