Stamps vs Lions

If Printers can remain upright, the Stamps will have trouble on their hands.

I agree, at least that they will have play well to win tonight. Just got a bad gut feel on this one tonight, a wounded lion with an elusive Printers could be trouble. On the other hand he may try to do too much and get in to trouble. The Stamps are a good team and should win tonight. But..................

I think an edmonton win is more likely than a bc one.

and anyone who thinks different must be senile :slight_smile:

Well I am having a Bday :smiley: but I do believe the Rider will beat the Eskies in strong fashion. I am concerned about this one tonight. B.C is due, can't say the say for Edmonton.

Good to see Printers back, but his injury issues and lowest % completions in this year, means I'm not expecting too much tonight me DementiaMan then because I think the Lions squeak a W out tonight....Yes our D is ferocious, and Casey could throw a few lemons out there trying to Favre things the leos way, but at some point in time it has to go the way Buono says it's going to go, look at your last five games....okay, so Sask blew your doors off, before the bye week, but the previous four games the Lions were right in there, they lost those four games by a COMBINED 16 points, that's chicken scratch in this league....

....and I think the bye week stalls our O, and they come out flat tonight....

...edmonton, oh my, there's only one expression I feel fits that club right now

i honestly think there is no way stamps lose tonight.. well obviously there is that possibility but stamps are on a whole nother lever than b.c

Which Hank shows up will be determinative. If it's good Hank, the Lions can't stay with them. If it's bad Hank, it will be close - someone will win by less than a TD.

It's about time for an upset...
Hopefully the Lions come out and play well.
If not, I may have an ulcer.

The Stamps are too strong of a team for BC. I think BC has an edge in special teams, but both offensively and defensively Calgary is vastly superior to BC. Obviously upsets can happen, and I'm rooting for one, but I don't think it's likely.

My money would prob be on the stamps to win it all this year

Terrible turnover by the Lions, you can't give the Stamps freebie points like that. If anything I though BC would need Calgary to give them some freebie points for them to have a shot.

Nice first throw by CP in a while..

Just a jump ball, easily could have been picked, although much better than anything Jackson or Lulay has tossed in a while. Nice play by the Lions player to come up with it though.

I actually think BC crossed the goal line twice already, just not on the last 2 (and one that was ruled a TD).

Well if butter fingers never dropped the ball for that TO, BC may actually be up by 7, a crazy thought

I always wonder how Wally never gets a penalty, he's always chirping in the officials ears.

Two drives by BC and points on each. Why can't BC be this consitent?

If Burris keeps running like that, someone is going to knock his head off...only a matter of time

Good call on the line of scrimmage, he was not over.

BC has looked better this game, but when they get a chance to hold the Stamps short of a first down ala Arje Franklin catch, they have to make that tackle.