:stamps: Stamps vs :bclions: Lions game thread topic, Aug 12, 2023

:stamps: Calgary Stampeders
:bclions: BC Lions

game time - 2023-08-12T23:00:00Z

preview - Stamps, Lions meet for West Division battle - CFL.ca

game tracker - 2023-08-12 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. CALGARY Calgary Stampeders (6343) - CFL.ca

who do you think will win?
  • :stamps: Calgary Stampeders
  • :bclions: BC Lions
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BC is the team to beat in West.

the Bombers still exist.


I’m thinking(!) that this could be a very tight game. I don’t expect a blow out either way. Hope my Lions bring their best effort because Calgary will be playing desperate football.


Lions should be coming out hot and mad as hell after their last game


Any bets on when Dave Dickinson will throw his challenge flag down? 1st quarter? 2nd? 3rd? 4th?

The game should be a good one. I do hope defensive coordinator Ryan Phillips got through to his defensive backs after Winnipeg’s thrashing last week. Is Vernon Adams starting?
The Lions have got what it takes if he does start. They have excellent receivers in Hollins, Rhymes, and Lucky Whitehead. (Gosh I miss Burnham​:unamused:)The run game can be iffy at times. Here’s hoping for Lions victory!:+1:


You’re not the only one. Burn’Em Burnham is a classy dude, wish he was still around.


Most coaches who know what they’re doing use their first challenge before the first half ends. It’s either use it or lose it.

Don’t teams only get one challenge per game, with a second only if the first is successful?

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I thought they got one each half? I may be wrong. Or is it if they use it in the first half and are wrong that’s it for the game. But if they are right they can use again regardless of which half?

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I’m not sure PorkyPine. I had to get Brother Maynard to consult the Book of Armaments:

Article 6 — Replay Review

A Replay Review must be initiated by the Head Coach by throwing a challenge flag prior to the next legal snap. It is the responsibility of the coach to get the attention of the nearest official and to throw the challenge flag.

Each team will start with one challenge per game. If that challenge is successful, the team will be granted a second challenge.

If the challenge is unsuccessful, the team will lose a time-out.

A team must have a time-out remaining to challenge a play. In overtime, a team does not need a time-out to challenge.

The Command Centre will automatically review plays in certain game situations.

The team can challenge any challengeable ruling at any time during the game.

See Rule 10, Replay for complete details on this rule.


If I’ve interpreted that rule correctly it looks like if they DON’T use their one and only challenge for a challenge that’s ultimately successful then they’ll still get to use it in the second half. Similarly, if they use their only challenge for a challenge that’s successful in the first half then they’ll magically get another challenge in the second half. BUT, if they use a challenge that’s ruled unsuccessful at ANY point during the game… they won’t get another challenge.

So in the first half… if a coach fails to use a challenge for a play that he truly believes will be successfully overturned, then he’s effectively wasted an opportunity to get TWO challenges.

Have I cracked the code here?

Don’t think half time has anything to do with it


Of course they do. But not enough this year.

dude did you even watch last week’s Bombers-Lions game? i suppose you also think Collaros is mediocre?

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You’re probably right. It’s one of our needlessly complex rules designed to make us think of many things that have nothing to do with anything practical. Like modern art or poetry it’ll be left up to the individual for interpretation.

The next challenge flag I see will make me think of chips and how good they’re gonna taste with onion dip.


True, when life gets too much to bear, there’s always junk food to fall back on.:ice_cream::popcorn::doughnut::icecream::cake:or better yet,:cocktail::beer:.


Outside of Toronto and BC EVERY team in the CFL wishes that they could have a quarterback as mediocre as Zach Collaros. :grin:


He is great… for sure…like Tom Brady of CFL…but he’s hurt even if playing in his throwing shoulder…that will be difference…

pretty sure Lions would sign or trade for Collaros immediately if given the chance. other than Argos i think Ti-Cats wouldn’t take Collaros even if he was free because they are the Ti-Cats lol.