Stamps vs Joseph

I am a bit surprized with how little has been said regarding the obvious exchange of words between the two during the Labour Day rematch. I think that it was the result of Joseph putting his receivers in vulnerable positions too often.

Has anybody heard any comment about this from the Eskimo camp?

There wasn't much of anything said, however in a couple articles; there was confusion at times [players running on/off the field] Messam going in on two plays and shouldn't have. Plays taking to long; either from Crandell getting plays to the bench/Joseph taking too long in the huddle/getting the play off: result time count violation/Stamps and Joseph not on the same page. I think the Calgary D was showing different schemes when all this mess was going on; kudos to them. However, Jyles/Stamps there was no problem; Joseph/Charles have connected well. It's an unusual season for Stamps.