Stamps vs Esks game MIGHT be moved

630 ched reported about 2 hours ago, that the Esks have been advised that tomorrow the CFL might move to game to 8:30 locally. They did this twice last season, and it doesn't bother people in Alberta.

Another suggestion from the Eskimos is to move the game to Sunday night.

Let's face it, even if the oilers lose with the Stanley Cup hoisted, CBC will have extended post game coverage, and it will drown out the CFL coverage big time.

If the Oilers win many will just listen to the game on the radio, or the mall, bars, etc will switch the t.v's to Football.

At that time it should be end of 1st qtr.


hopefuly they move it to sunday, then

No freakin' way! If this actually happens, I'll be one of the happiest people in Edmonton! :smiley:

I don't agree with this, why are we changing cuz of the NHL? and I recall the EE and the league said they wouldn't change the sch, now all of a sudden, the EE said that they might change?

so much for holding your ground.

you can thank dora for this or who ever booked her

now, now, this isn't Dora's fail here. :lol: :cowboy:

I would think there would be little or no impact to the game attendance in Calgary.
I do know that personally I can't wait to get my fill of SUMMER time sports with the CFL.
I could care less about hockey played this time of year regardless of who is involved. Hockey should be over end of April.
The NHL is a jackass soldout American operation.

nicely said!

.....Ted Hellard has reported that the only way he would allow the move is if it benefitted the Stampeders.....if he doesn't see this benefitting his team he can veto the leagues 'request' to move the time....

Of course it is. Just look at that Napoleon who runs the league. Gary Betteman has forever changed the NHL for the worst. His list of atrocities include:

1)Amending the rulebook to an extent where some of the nuances are a shell of what they once were.
2)Expanding into markets that the league has no business in to begin with.
3)Jabbering incoherently about how much better the game can be when real fans remember a time when it was truly at its finest.

I’d hate for some kook to come along and try to do the same for our beloved CFL. But that will never happen, could it?

Red, thats good for Ted and the Stamps.

There would be a huge impact on me. I travel 190 KM to go to games. If they moved it to Sunday, it means I don't get home until near midnight. If it's Sat. I get to stay at a family members house and drive home Sun. To heck with the stupid Oilers, the 3-2 series is flattering to Edmonton anyway. They should have been swept. Carolina has outplayed, out hit the Oilers and the RBC Centre is way louder than Rectal Place.

.....pfft, think of the precedent it would'd have teams requesting time changes all over the place.....look at toronto last year and their screwed up schedule, three games in like 10 days or something stupid like that.....all of a sudden you have a case example of being able to change the schedule to help your team.....

Agree, the league and especially the Stamps should NOT move the game because of hockey or for any other rediculous reasons.
What comes to mind was the 9/11 catastrophy, causing the rescheduling of some games by then Commish Mike Lysko and which if I recall got him into some hot water by the owners, yes they struck again, Wettenhall and Braley.

Not happening!

Moving the game this late would be bush, but
Im all for it. Sunday works for me.

Truthfully Hughie should have greased Teds palm
last week, and the game would already of been

Theres no reason this conflict should still be
kicking around. Get off your wallet u cheap
b******!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

The reason it is not happening is there is not enough time to make the move. So keep dreaming!

I hate to say it, but, it's unlikely, but is a possibility.

RW2K5, that's not ture, a game can be moved if their is a natural disater a few days before.

I hope they move it. If they do it is because the eskimos and the oilers have a good relationship with each other AND it would help TSNs ratings which would help the league. The eskimos have been trying to move the game for a while. Its not a last minute thing on their part. The league and TSN have been the holdups.