Stamps vs Eskimo's Part Deux

Surprisingly, despite the obvious mismatch of epic proportions, 7-2 vs 1-8. I am actually really looking forward to tonights game. There are several sub-plots which make this such an intriguing match-up for me.

  1. How do the Eskimo's respond to the public dressing down by Hervey.
  2. How do the Stamps respond to their 4th quarter melt down.
  3. How do the refs respond to the widespread criticism of Mondays game.

It is my hope that both teams give us 60 minutes of exciting football, I have no reason to expect anything different. I actually think players on both teams will forget about Monday once they get on the field.

As for the officials, I hope we don't notice they are on the field. Whether the crew that did Mondays game deserved criticism is for another thread, I just hope that this crew brings their A game as they will be working under a bit of pressure and scrutiny tonight.

Should be fun.

Speaking as a Rider fan.... Go Esks Go!!!. Will be at the game.. cheering loudly for the home town team...

I'm definitely interested in seeing if the Eskimos play well in this one after the fiasco that was this week.

Why, when this week is the back half of home and home for all teams are the Stamps/Eskies playing Friday night on 4 days rest? Do the schedulers have anything between their ears beyond dead space? :roll:

I think the short rest will favour Edmonton, playing at home maybe they can carry the 4th Q momentum into tonight. Long shot, but if Edmonton has a shot at beating anybody besides Winnipeg this is the game.

I'm in a bind.

I want the Esks to lose so they can continue to suck.

BUT in a way if the Stamps Lose, they'd be a whole 2 games behind the Riders.

so... :x

That would also have to include the Riders winning. There are never locks, especially in home and away rematches.

This rivalry has ALWAYS been Mon-Fri, since the 80s. It's part of the tradition. It's the same 2 teams, so the short week is equal for both sides.

I got Calgary in the pool, so go Stamps. (blechh) :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t see this game, I’m going to the Tragically Hip concert tonight… will have to watch the highlights later… hopefully a phantom PI call goes the Esks way :twisted: :lol: :lol:

I hope the refs let the players decide the game. :cowboy:

Don't know why I never noticed before. I still think in a physically demanding sport like football it's foolish. Thinking potential injury due to the short rest as obviously there is no disadvantage.

...the rest time isn't shortened, the prep/practice time is...after the LDC the stamps took Tuesday off, Wednesday was tape-replay walk-thru day and they didn't strap on pads and practice until yesterday morning, and I'm sure the Esks did the same...

Red, you're a mod, can you fix the title?

The annoying apostrophe shouldn't be there.

Damn perfectionists. :wink:

I rather liked the Panel's discussion on the situation. It was a good look from different angles of it all. As many have alluded, this could be a GM drawing the attention from the players and giving them something to unite over. He picked the most experienced guy and attacked him. As I have said before...still not sure I agree with the tactic (we see it lots though), but I get what he is attempting...shame it is the GM that has to do it and not the coach though.

I have said this before, I say it again...the Esks have a young but promising OL...Sweet is the wrong guy to coach them. I don't even half mind Kavis as a coach (less by the week though), but overall, his supporting cast is not great.

I like apostrophe's. Change it to Stamp's vs Eskimo's

MadJack? A perfectionist when it comes to grammar? Who knew? :wink:

Stamps made it look easy there... gonna be a loooong night for the Eskimos

7-0 Calgary

Over/under on how many ref threads will be started after .....during this game ? Ill say 3 !

Bonehead play by Koch. Also how many yards does Cornish have after initial contact??? Open space runner.....