Stamps vs Cats Game Thread (July 13)

Here we go!

Kickoff is imminent.

Hearing Rod Black recoil – drink two


I forgot…hi folks!

hi Russ

That was a well-executed fake punt by the Nags…which sucks


It sure was. Caught everyone by surprise (me included).

Cats were able to stop the Stamp drive…we have the ball deep in our end.

Here’s where everyone is chatting! I was on another thread that also claimed to be the GDT.

Two and out was NOT what we wanted especially given the FP. Giving Arbuckle only half a field to run.

This should be a defensive struggle. So I like our chances. . . Stamps lost 4 key guys off their D so it’ll take them more than just a few games to gel with the new personnel.

But they’ve used that and won’t be able to go back to it - at least not with the same level of surprise.

I am less than impressed with Tuggle. . . I’d like to see Frey get a shot at MLB

Davis is having fun against his old team mates! And they’re off the field once more but the FP isn’t “likely” to be that great once again! :wink: :smiley:

Don’t like the way our O is starting off games - completely under threw an open Tasker.

Same old first qtr. Embarrassing
Get it together.

Someone should tell Masoli he can’ t play like sh@t in the first quarter against good teams!

Liking our D tackling MUCH better tonight - not giving up YAC but they really need to flip the FP

Missed FG will help.

Time to convert 2nd down - TASKER!!!