Stamps vs Bombers

Some interesting changes to the depth chart for this week. Ian Wild coming on after returning to play specials is not surprising. Nick Moore is back also. Bastien replaces Feoli-Gudino who’s done for the year. Justin Cole sitting as well, not sure why as I though he was at the opposite DE spot from Westerman.

Biggest surprise IMO is to see the new receiver Kevin Cone already added to the roster after only being signed just a couple of days ago. He many end up being a game day inactive but he’s the only backup receiver outside of using Stoudermire, so the two inactives could come from any of FB Chris Normand (why 3 FBs?), LB Tony Burnett (especially as we now have 9! LBs on the depth chart), and possibly Selvish Capers as they usually only dress one backup OL. So it’s entirely possible he does get on the active gameday roster. How strange would it be to see them dress a receiver new to the CFL after a couple of practices yet Simmons wasn’t able to play at least special teams a few weeks ago against the Stamps because of only a few practices?

In desperation win mode and we’re still needlessly starting 8 Nationals, dressing a receiver with only a couple days practice to learn any part of the playbook, and were going to try plug up the holes on returns with LBs is seems. Why does a roster featuring the return of a popular player and solid special teamer as well as the return of the top receiver leave me feeling so glum?

...Some very valid questions wolverine....especially regarding Simmons...It seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing....This clubs decision making from the coach is a mess...And when questioned you get a pre ordained answer...scripted and full of clichés...I look at our roster management as something dreamed up by the keystone cops..organized confusion with a little heavy guess work thrown in...Not good enough for a club trying to find it's way and I was looking for something a lot better in 2015...I expect we'll be blown out again tomorrow....hope I'm wrong BUT it'll be fun watching Ian Wild knock people around...that's one saving grace. :wink:

I don't know what to think anymore.

Neither do I. . . "I'll have to review the film"


Earlier this morning I watched the presser with O"Shea. Now, I like the guy. I was hoping he could be our new Cal Murphy or Mike Riley. He has since pushed me further away with his smug answers. There's nothing to be smart-alecky about. Anyway, the media guy asked him again if he was worried about his job. He said "no, I don't worry about that, I worry about getting the job done and winning games". I started to wonder if he knows that he won't be fired because of the buddy-buddy attitude that prevails. I wonder if he's been told that no matter what, he won't get canned... This whole mess just may get turned around in one or two more years. I just worry how many will care.

Stamps Offence is not playing well and the Bombers D is the only positive this team has. If they can cut down on the mistakes it may be closer then most think.

I don't know if that's true. Maybe he knows he'll get three full seasons to turn it around, maybe he doesn't. Personally I think it's a bit of a stupid question. You can't sit there and worry about whether you'll be fired or not. It's beyond your control and if that consumes your thoughts and all you do is stuff trying desperately to save your job, it's a sure way to make sure you'll get fired. I think we saw some of that with Tim Burke in his last year with some of his comments and demeanor - sullen and disengaged. And really, reporters ask this question all the time but when was the last time a coach in any professional or collegiate sport ever open admitted to the expectation of getting fired? Even though Burke seemed out of it he still said he hoped and expected he'd be around when asked the same question.

O'Shea though I still think believes in his guys and what they are doing. Who knows, if not for Willy getting beat up and lost of the bulk of the year, he could have been right. And we really don't know what has gone on behind the scenes. Like Marcel Bellefeulle, for instance. Maybe they have kept him on because they haven't been able to find someone to replace him that would be a step up or even a good lateral move. And if he'd admitted to being worried about being fired with about a 1/3 of the season remaining, he's essentially saying he's give up and some of those players in the locker room would check out on him as well.

That's a big 'if'.

This depth chart is comical and imo, reflects the attitude of the coaching staff, let's play the guys who don't screw up as often as opposed to someone who may actually have the potential to be a play maker. :thdn:

I never said that he knows for sure he won't get fired. I said I wondered about it. And it's pretty obvious that no coach has ever said he felt he would get fired, but the more I wonder about that I realize that any coach with a record like his would be a fool if he didn't think about getting canned. So he's not worried about being fired yet he won't do anything different in his coaching schemes. Doesn't sound too bright in my books. Blaming injuries to Willy is not a good enough excuse... With each new coach comes renewed hope and hope is something I'm starting to lack.

So Cone and Capers are the announced gameday inactvies. That leaves Goosen as the only backup OL, Stoudermire the only backup receiver, and we're dressing 3 FBs and 9 LBs. :?

Pretty about "It's a non-issue, it's being handled internally, and I don't want to talk about it."

Wrong coach

Was he ever.

So our only backup receiver has 2 picks on the stamps opening drive playing DB? Go figure.

Rough start for the Stamps, good start for our offense, but things have flip flopped pretty quick.

Game was a lot closer on the scoreboard than the stats would suggest. The D gave up a bunch of yards but not a lot of points. Unfortunately the offense disappeared in the second half. Stupid penalty on the short yardage leading to the miss on the kick. Solid effort overall but didn't pay enough attention to the details and found a new way to lose.

People are just happy to see a competitive game out of this bunch.