Stamps vs Bombers

Finally back in action. The bye week seemed to last forever.

Jasper Simmons won't get to play his old team.

Oline is a concern. Neufeld gets the start at RT to replace the injured Daniels. I expect a lot from him there given that he's playing in a position more natural for him. He wasn't particularly good at LG in Greaves spot IMO. Also Picard is possible to be out, so if Goosen starts at centre our only backup is Thomas Griffiths. That's a scary proposition, and especially a concern since Neufeld gets hurt so often. At least the Stamps top DE Charleston Hughes is out. At least with the switch to National at RT they are not starting 9 imports and instead will switch out JFG for Veltung.

I expect more from Marve now that he's actually had a week of practice instead of the one 30 minute practice he had to prep for the Argos.

Calgary is a different team from when we played them in July . Bombers will need to play error free football and try and keep Bo Levi from killing us !!!!

Anyone tell me why Simmons is not playing ? Please..

I tweeted Bob Irving that very question. You think his animosity towards the Stamps would benefit the Bombers on Saturday?

I just heard the O’Shea presser on why Jasper is not playing and I think it’s wrong. This is not the first time we had a player ready to play against his old team for the first time and we blow it. I don’t care about schemes, this guy can play and play now. Against the team that snubbed him is the perfect formula. This happens in hockey all the time and teams relish the opportunity. Very often good things happen to the snubee and his new team. We are wasting a great chance. I’m disappointed.

Agreed. They had a whole week of practice this week, you'd think they could have had Simmons ready to play special teams at the very least, eespecially considering some of the breakdowns we've had there this year with our current personnel. And with a whole week you'd think Simmons would have been able to absorb at least some of the playbook to play limited snaps on D. Guys often come up with big games when the play against their old team, but it doesn't sound like they gave him much in the way of reps until the last day of practice. So only thing I can think of is they are sitting him because they think there's a chance he runs hot and takes some stupid overly aggressive penalties or as mentioned in that interview - the potential sideshow.

So true. Special teams mistakes have been the biggest culprit and played a big part in that loss in Calgary and in pretty much every loss this year. When they have a relatively clean game then we stand a good chance of winning. Word was that O'Shea was getting involved in the special teams in practice earlier in the week, so I hope we see a good effort

.....I am really beginning to question some of O'Sheas decisions...I think he's sniffing too much of that crap on the sidelines...Why the hell not play the acquisition...I really feel that if this club doesn't turn things around ..O'Shea will get the gate...I don't care if the players luv the guy....he may be way over his head and it's really starting to show...I hope I'm wrong and we can show at least some progress over last year....failing that, Mike has to go at seasons end. :x :thdn:

I find myself thinking about tonight's game and wondering which new way we'll find to foul it up. This is my new way of getting ready for the game. Sad state of affairs. Only a few posters here and it's completely understandable. If this team is about to turn the corner and finally get going, I figure we as fans should be owed winning the the GC the next 7 or 8 years in a row. From what I keep reading and hearing and seeing, I can't help but be pessimistic. I wish I didn't feel this way.

Another team has a guy(Franklin) off the bench come in and play like gangbusters. We had a chance to showcase Jasper and we don't bother. I'm sick of the HO-HUM attitude and I blame the HC solely. These are very desperate times for this team and I don't see it in O'Shea. I'd be looking over my back if I were him. But maybe he's got a job lined up in the future and that's why we get this laisser faire approach. He answers the media the same way time after time. I'm sick of it. To Mike O'Shea, an old Irish warning " Shite or get off the pot."

....I totally share your concern and frustration Dan...Too many bloody years of mediocrity to poor performance by this club...I tend to let the Irish in MY blood come to a boil ,and get mad as hell at my team over the recent years...we deserve better...The o line was supposed to be improved...(do luv the Chungh kid) but I don't see much improvement... Picard is either hurt or done..Even Bryant seems to have dropped to the level of what we seen last year...Poor recruiting is becoming very apparent...IF this has become an ol' boys club between Miller (I know he doesn't recruit) Walters, O'Shea and McManus, then it's not going to last...I expected a helluva lot more and we're not seeing it....I hope Marve goes out there tonight and light it up...Give us something to look forward to....but maybe that's a stretch...I agree on your take about the qbs. Dan...Other teams seem to be playing third stringers and can win...We better start or there's going to be some arses in a sling before this campaign is over.. :rockin:

Another joke of a game, but we don't have to worry because the guys are working hard and O'Shea will be watching game film to see where it all went wrong. That doesn't mean he will change anything or anyone. We'll just keep going the same way. Expect more of the same next week.

If the Bombers lose to the Riders next week, a move will have to be made. Trade for a QB? Firing O'Shea and hiring Benevedes?

Even then, the remaining decision-makers will all be canned at year's end.

If Winnipeg loses next week, you almost have to fire Bellefeuille at minimum, and maybe Wylie, Charbonneau, and Dahlquist too (how can the only team in the league with an assistant O-line coach have such a poor O-line?). The problem, though, is finding a capable replacement midseason, when most if not all of the people you want to hire are gainfully employed. So maybe O'Shea & co. survive until season's end at which point the purge can begin.

Roster management and marcel are crippling this team, I see 1 or 2 wins at most the rest of the way.

…Well that stunk and I don’t see how Bellfueille keeps his job after this game…The play calling was so predictable, I could have schemed against that one…If there’s nothing done, O’Shea could be in trouble…You have to wonder about the scouting, talent assessment and coach hiring being done…Lose to the riders and it’s all over for another year and what a bloody disgrace that’ll be…finishing out of the post season in a Cup year in our back yard :oops: …Good luck selling that one to the local faithful…Disaster at the gate in the offing… :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Well, at least special teams didn't let us down. If there was anything positive tonight it would be them.

Oline was terrible. The game plan even had extra blockers shift in to max protect a few times and it didn't help at all. Calgary's early pressure gave Marve happy feet. Couple of those sacks were helped by Marve holding onto the ball too long and dancing around too much in the pocket. Marve didn't look like a confident QB for most of the game, lot of throws into double coverage. He actually looked like he took a step backwards despite having a lot more practice time.

Thought O'Shea kind of threw the D under the bus a bit with some of his comments in the post game presser. Of course you don't like it when your D gives up over 20 points in the 2nd half but I don't think you can expect any D to keep shutting down an offense like Calgary has when you get nothing from the offense. 100 passing yards in 60 minutes of CFL football? Awful.

Speaking of Calgary's offense, they showed a lot of what we're not. Lots of nice passes from Mitchell leading his receivers ahead of coverage. Marve's still looking to hit guys square in the chest which doesn't lead to much in the way of YAC. There was a time a few weeks ago I though we had a chance to sweep the LDC and Banjo, especially without Glenn, but we may be lucky if we can just split at this point. And Dickinson out coached Marcel at halftime with his adjustments.

One would think we would have learned from last year that we can't be so dependent on one guy, that being Drew Willy, to win games for us. Yet here we are again - no Drew=no offense=no wins.

Well Wolverine, lack of adjustment sums it up nicely. This team doesn't adjust at halftime, it doesn't adjust between games and it doesn't adjust between seasons.... If MBs' offense is so predictable, I would think that the HC would say something, same with ST and the defence. He does nothing. I watched him last night slapping guys on the back after they screwed up. He should be slapping them in the head. I hold O'Shea fully responsible. Last night my son and I were watching and he said it was Walters fault for not getting good enough players. To a point he is correct, but a good coach can make mediocre players better, and it isn't by babying them. I criticized Doug Berry for his antics on the sidelines, but he got results. I wondered about Kent Austin and his screaming, but look at the Cats now. Hufnagel was a shouter at first and now his team is tops. Football players are supposed to be men, crack the whip and make them play like men. I have no respect for O'Shea. The players may like him but I wonder if they respect him............PS. our secondary sucks. Washington played crap again. O'Shea probably told him he'll get better next game and gave him a tap on the back.

I just watched the O'Shea post game presser and it could be from game six of last year. He just keeps saying the same things over and over. If I was a reporter, I would ask him point blank to answer a question. I'd probably get kicked out but at least I would try. The media guys are too nice. If fact everyone concerned with this team is too nice.

"Everyone is working hard".

"I have to watch game film before I can answer that question".

"It takes more than one thing to go wrong for bad things to happen"
Mike O'Shea's mantra.

It's not the losing so much that has me pissed, it's the lack of fire, the lack of desire, the lack of desperation.

....It's all of those things AND FOREMOST IN MY MIND DAN, IS THE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY...Where are the changes taking place, for a team that is playing a craptacular style of football ,coached by ineptitude...??...Other teams seem to have no trouble firing head coaches mid season (Als.) and then on top of it ,win with a third stringer...What the hell is with this organization with finding and sticking with losers...There has to be some hard questions being asked about just who is accountable....Pretty hard for me to get around one incident on the field last night as well, where apparently our players aren't even held accountable, when the head coach gives them a pat for screwing up...Once again this team seems to be in for more dramatic changes...Getting so tired of this..

The lack of execution is troubling, a missed block, wrong route run, then you have the undisciplined penalties, all signs of players not listening to coaches I would think.

Well my take is as follows.

First half, Richie Hall and Rich Stubler put on a clinic. They were both on top of their game, and their defences played superlatively. Hence, an 8-3 score at halftime. As a lover of good defence, that first half was probably the most enjoyable half of CFL football I've watched so far this season.

Okay so far. You're only down by 5 measly points.

So, at halftime, the batons gets passed to the 2 offensive coordinators, who have to figure out some adjustments to make, so that their offence can get some traction against the opposing defence. So it was up to Dickenson to figure out how to attack what Richie Hall had been throwing at him (for which he had no answer in the first half), and Bellefeuille to figure out how to attack what Rich Stubler had been throwing at him (for which he had no answer in the first half).

And to me it comes as no suprise. Dickenson figured out what to do; Bellefeuille couldn't. Hence, 36-8 final.

Now, all the blame doesn't lie with Bellefeuille. That O-line is atrocious. It's different personnel from last season, but the same result. . . way too many sacks. But it's the same coaching as last year. . . Wylie and Charbonneau. . . I think they have to be shown the door.

And. . . with Willy out, the Bombers don't have a QB. Brohm is awful, and Marve isn't much better.