Stamps vs. Bombers (Regina Pub?)

Interesting weekend for Winnipeg and Calgary fans, as the Flames are playing the Jets at Mosaic stadium home of the Roughriders. Meanwhile the Stamps play the Bombers on Friday night. The City of Regina will have a decent number of Calgary and Winnipeg fans visiting.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a decent Regina pub that would be good to watch the Stamps Bombers game on Friday night?

Victoria’s Tavern

If you are looking for Downtown, Cathedral Social hall (30 taps), Victoria Tavern, Fat Badger, or possibly Leopold’s (small space and busy).

East end, Birmingham’s, Canadian Brewhouse, or Leopolds east. Slightly bigger than downtowns, and usually not as busy.

South end, Langcasters, Canadian Brewhouse.

North end, there is also a Leopolds, or maybe Taphouse.

My house. LOL

Sorry, we will be cheering for the Bombers. :oYes, I know … shocking.

I will be entertaining some of my wife’s family - one of them is a Stamps fan. They bought us the Classic NHL tickets through connections with the Flames … so he has that going for him.

Funny his wife was born in Alberta, and she is a DIE HARD Rider fan. Green blood runs deep in Rider Nation.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: