"Stamps vs Argos"

Or is that "Stamps crush Argos"?

Ricky Ray back in the saddle. Last gasp for the good ship Argonaut tonight.

C'mon TO, show us something, anything.

I hate these illegal contact challenges. Just drop them already. Pass interference is fine as a challenge, but illegal contact adds nothing.

Good name because Argos are Dust.

Ray can still play and if he was healthy all year they would have had first place locked in a poor east division.

I agree, Ricky makes a difference

Good game Ottawa/Hamilton

Wily old Ricky Ray far more serviceable than Drew Willy!

With first place locked up Dave Dickenson having helluva time keeping his team interested in playing hi=intensity ball.

Even Mitchell looks slightly out of it at times. Factor in the dormant placement situation, all the stamps injuries and you sometimes think Calgary is vulnerable.

Only interest tonite is from Winnipeg - where the bombers cheering for Toronto losing - in order to maximize their draft position.

In any event Wpg will have 2 first round picks, 1st or 2nd and then another one #6 thru #8

Will say this =

Ricky Ray is a warrior.

Even more injury prone in his advancing years - he doesn't care. He simply won't release early - is almost always prepared to take those quasi-late hits and hope against hope his body can hold out - one more play, one more game, one more season!

The Ricky Way!

Argos destined to lose tonite but hanging in prolly longer than expected. . . .

If Calgary keeps losing key players to injuries (Mayo last game, Lavertu tonite) their opponents in western final will have a tough time upending them....

Hillbilly Mitchell still the best player in the league, good even when he's not on his A-game....

Right now here's how I'd rate the teams who will invariably play Calgary for the western cup berth - - -

Edmonton - 35% - Mike Reilly is to Esks what Mitchell is to Stamps
BC - 25% - Wally's defense might keep Mitchell in relative check; but Jenning's undisciplined play will tilt the balance
Wpg - 20% - Wpg. has balance and that takeaway stat is awesome. However, Mitchell will gobble up crazy yards on a Richie Hall fallback defense. Matt Nichols will be unable to overcome Hall's massive concessions.

Why would Milanovich allow Ray to stay in there and take those hits? Game over. Season over. Have him back throwing until the end and taking those shots for no reason? Almost criminal.

Has there ever been a tougher more classy qb then Ray? He gets pounded all game long every game he's played the last few years. Comes back from rib and lung damage and gets pounded. He never once gets up and pulls a Burris, Harris or Collaros, whine to the refs. He deserves better and more respect then he's gotten from too many Argo fans.

What a sad arsed year and total collapse when at one point we were 4-2.