Stamps vs Argos

Lets go boys!! :cowboy:

This is strange.....I usually HATE the Argos but for some reason I want them to win tonight. I guess I want to see Lemon do well and for things to finally go in a positive direction for them, as well as the fans to come back.

I hope Lemon has a great game. Just hope Henry's is better :smiley:

for my record, I want Calgary to Win.. for the Riders, I want the Argos to win! :lol:

Hmmm pretty blah 1st quarter aside from Reynolds penalty. :lol:

Wow this Owens is for real.

Go Argos!!! Would like to see them have a better year then the last few.

Not much of anything resembling an offense by either team yet.

Calgary is sure gifting the Argo's field position with so many horrible 15 yard penalties. If they clean that up they are probably leading at the half instead of trailing.

I'm at the game, the argos stink at short yardage situations...

Jim Barker is single-handedly losing this game for the Argos. His retarded insistence on gambling in third-down situations has taken away at least 6 points from the Argos and given at least 7 to the Stampeders. Newsflash, Jim: you only earn the right to play with swagger by being good.

I sent the stamps a tweet. Told them they are susposed to be in a football game. I think it worked

Games really getting away from the Argo's now, turnovers are giving easy points to the Stamps, I think this isn't going to stay close for long.

Honestly, it's 3rd and a looong 1 and the Argos are not even in FG range, let alone the red zone, and Barker goes for it after the offense has already been stopped twice before in short yardage? Moron.

I didn't think it Was a catch

Calgary should have put this game away a while ago, Argo's are hanging around...

I'm getting stressed again!

How are the argos still in this game?
0 touchdowns??!!

This is entertaining if only for the comedy of errors by both teams. Nobody wants to win this thing! I thought the Argo's should have went to Bell in the 3rd, but then again Lemon doesn't have many quality receivers outside of Copeland.

w00t!!!! Way to go Argos. Roughies will be alone in first at the end of of the week.