Stamps vs Argo's

Is it just me or does Burris stink so far in this one?

15.99 for all you can eat wings? What a rip!

...thank you '67 for starting a thread...

...haven't seen much yet so I cannot answer your direct question....TO looks like they have an attitude...

After Pinball is done with Dorsey he can walk over and give Johnson a cuff on the head!

Execution? I"m all for it. On the positive side at least we get the ball back.

Was that a planned punt fake? if so it needs works. Nice break for the Stamps

'The Don' is pulling out all plays tonight. That double reverse worked well.

Nice run.
I think I'm gonna take the paper bag off my head now. 8)

Juat got in. Gonna turn the game on in a second. Looks like Calgary just jumped ahead.

The Stamps look to be in tough tonight. The Argo’s look hungry and Pickett looks ok. Burris HAS to stop under throwing his targets, maybe some swing passes to Joffery as well.

Your one touchdown behind Chief.

..PI was marginal...break to the argos...

I hope Bethel is one of the players Don has his eye on. Geesh.

Geez, when did that happen? I need to get off here and turn on my TV… :lol:

You're just going to have to adapt to the new Argo offense. :cowboy:

Still a lttle early buuut this one has upset written all over it.

Wow... 4 of 12 and a pick. Spectacular numbers, Burris! :?

It may be a little early but us Argo fans need to get our licks in when we can.

Burris 4 for 12 for 34 yards WTF,

Maybe he needs to sit for a few.

Great athleticism on Copelands part. I still can't believe he made that catch.