Stamps vs Als game thread topic, Sunday July 30, 2023

:stamps: vs :als_red:

game time: 2023-07-30T23:00:00Z

game tracker: 2023-07-30 Game Tracker - MONTREAL Alouettes vs. CALGARY Calgary Stampeders (6336) -

preview: Calgary travels east for Week 8 finale in Montreal

who do you think will win?
  • :stamps: Calgary Stampeders
  • :als_red: Alouettes de Montréal
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i think this will be a close game


It’s got ‘Game of the Week’ written all over it.

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Calgary’s Defense Love paying Fajardo

Unfortunately that bar couldn’t be any lower.


I am actually looking forward to hearing the combination of Marshall Ferguson and Paul LaPolice.

This would be in contrast to yesterday when I pretty much left the mute button in the ON position after I saw Dustin Nielsen and Glen Suitor introduce the game.

They do pretty well vs Cody for sure

I picked the Stamps to win but really just toss a coin and see what happens! This one was hard to pick unless one wants to give the edge to the larks coming off a bye week and being at home.

I think that Kill Bill music is worse than the horns.


Rene Paredes is a beauty

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Stamps are really going to miss him when he decides that he’s going to be a full time firefighter instead of a part time one!

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Nice long grab by Julean Grant while Fajardo under pressure.

Als answer the drive via the Cote FG


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Is John “Shoe” Lu on the sidelines or pacing that track for good luck as also the Montreal homer and not for only his lucky shoes?


Are we going to have a FG kicking competition tonight? If so, I give the edge to the Stamps. :stamps:

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Nice 2nd effort by Mack to pick up the 1st


Especially if it comes to longer range, 45+ yard field goals. Cote is really good and poised to be one of the CFL greats (if he isn’t poached) but his range isn’t the same as Paredes

Cote 2 for 2

6-3 Als

I always get the impression that Cote is a bit inconsistent.

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You are trying to jinx him too early I think. Let’s enjoy this game that has only begun to breathe.

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Ah damnit, it’s not the same in Montreal without that John “Shoe” Lu’s antics on the sideline.

That new Kenzie lady looks like a librarian. BORING!