Stamps visit NMS for first time

Getting amped for this weekend's game vs Stamps. BLM was bang on in his take on the game: should be a defensive battle with help thrown in from the offence. I think he may have been trying to solicit help from his guys, lol. BC showed us some of the Stamps weaker points last week, all we need is a solid 60 minute effort from all 3 phases of our game and maybe a lucky break. With the officiating being as inconsistent as ever and the reduced challenges, we may see a gimme or two. Hope one goes our way at least. Sounds like Glenn is good to go, sure hope the hand is a non-issue from here on in. I trust Bridge, but not sure if throwing him to the Stamps D will help his development right now. Glenn and our receiving corps is still the best combination for this game by far.

We are making good strides on our pass rush and our secondary is getting hungrier. That's the key to dismantling BLM's game. Plus can't dismiss what we the crowd can influence. If Gainey continues to be the ball hawk he is, and the newer guys further synching into their roles - the Riders can take a win here at home this weekend. Everyone has to show up. Go RIDERS!!

Yes she's should be a very interesting game, I'm sure jones would like to down the stamps.

Well the D for the most part played damn good, except.. jones 3 man rush, we need Jones gone or a D C. I still hate Jones, ego ahole. They played way better a few games back with huge pressure on the QB, so why not do so with the Stamps... idiot!!Also even though I am not sold on Bridge, maybe they send him in for last 1/4, as much as I like Glenn, he was not getting it done!! Oh on a side note we also need a better OC as Macadoodoo is not cutting it either. JMO

Ok, you hate Jones. We get that. This is the same guy who refused to pay big to Dressler, and Dressler is injury prone and not doing much in Wpg. For the record - we have FOUR receivers with better stats than Dressler this year. Jones refused to pay Getzlaf the big , and Getzlaf rarely starts in Edmonton. Jones refused to give the big to Chick, and Chick did little in Hamilton and not lighting it up in Edmonton either. Then we have the Durant situation. Jones refused to pay Durant the big , and Durant absolutely sucks in Montreal, despite assuring the football world that he's elite.

I'll take Jones ego over the players egos any day. He won't destroy us financially. We are in good hands.

The Defense was excellent today in my opinion. We lost the game because our offense didn't click for most of the game. Jones was a non issue outside of his trick play call. Thought that was a stupid call but it didn't determine the outcome

Also the running game = Messam did his work for FG position. Rider team at 6-6 is a huge plus I feel, so next is to win in Ottawa/Toronto. Glad Roosevelt is walking around, may miss a couple of games?

I have to look at the glass half full on this one.

  • We held the best team in the league the last two years to NO touchdowns.
  • We closed down their return game.
  • We actually sacked Bo. Not an easy thing to do.
  • We got turnovers including a 3rd and short. First of Calgary's season.

Why we lost.....

  • couldn't execute against Stamps defence.
  • couldn't score points off turnovers.
  • couldn't stop the run.
  • Andre Proulx ref. No proof has been provided to me that we have ever won a game with him on the field. 0-3 this year, likely 0-XX lifetime. It's not that he's biased, it's simply a jinx.

Nasty hit on Rosie. I'd be surprised if he plays again this year.
Anyway, I think, at the very least, we have the Stamps' attention.

I think they proved they can compete...1 phase was nonexistent and they still held up against the best team in the league...impressive.

Some really really bad penalties that extended drives...can't do that 4 or 5 times in a game.

Harris is carry? Maybe he missed some blocks or something...not sure.

Did the offense break 100 yards in the first half? If they did it was only because of the jump ball to end half.

2 or 3 big drops.

The DL would look a lot better with James in there. He eats the run. That said....wasn't crazy concerned about Messam yards...this was a predetermined strategy from what I heard pregame. Let him do his power runs...he is going to mow people over either way...just avoid letting him past the 2nd layer. From there... you pick your spots on run blitz and catch him trying to go east west and squaring off. I liked it...allowed to focus on cover.

Was not a fan if the challenge. Hard to entirely knock it because there was only a minute left. If it wasn't first down then I agree totally...but you are playing 3 down either way. You NEED a TD....that time out us valuable. Turns out you fumble and with a challenge there is obvious helmet to helmet contact that is 100% being called on a challenge.

Glenn has had a solid season...but this was not his day and it was obvious early. Most passing success seemed to be a derivative of QB mobility. They should have had Bridge in much much sooner. Ney.....scratch that....his mobility would have made Adams the perfect QB to sub in on this day.

I mentioned it elsewhere but I was glad to see Devon Baileys play. I always thought he was a potentially gifted Can. receiver.

The Riders were trending down since winning the cup. Jones is turning this team around. The fact they are getting it done with Glen as your qb is incredible.
I see great future for the riders and by next year they will be competing for the division title!