Stamps visit BC under the Dome

Why didnt you say that in the first place... :? :roll:

You asked who was starting tonight, I told you that Jarious was starting. I answered your question. If you want a better answer, google it or go to lionbackers.

You're welcome by the way.

I said I heard that Buck was healthy and may start. You could have said the first time around that Buck was not totally healthy and JJ would be starting. It would have avoided all the posts after that, really RLR, you wonder why you get no respect, and the last few posts sum it all up.

You're lucky I responded to you in the first place. It's obvious who was starting tonight. Get your head in the game.

Oh gesus...both of you knock it off...does every thread have to turn nonsensical right off the bat?

I should be so lucky... :roll: :roll:

See its that poor attitude that gets you into trouble, and the fact that you cannot read posts. I said I heard Pierce was healthy and ready to start, but obviously that is not the case now is it? I tried to be nice RLR, but you decided to bite my hand. You are making this more difficult than it needs to be, but that is what you are all about now, isnt it?

sorry jm, I posted that last one before I saw this..

I answered your question 3-4 times already. It's not hard to figure out, Pierce will probably dress but the starting job is Jarious' to lose. This is the fifth time i'm posting this. If you still can't understand this then I'm sorry, I can't help you any further.

Back to the game, everyone on the CBC panel is picking BC. I'm worried this is going to be a jinx!

I picked BC in the VGCC, but I am thinking that the Stamps pull off the upset in this one…

I’d be shocked if Calgary won tonight. That being said, you never know in the CFL. Akili is the wildcard.

Lions D should be able to stop anyone though.

Rainfall warning tonight. Perfect time to be under the dome. The 3rd time since it was built that its actually rained, so far. I"m almost thinkin of goin by myself.