Stamps visit BC under the Dome

Who wins this one? I would have liked Henry to be healthy for this one, the Lions have played him very well over the years. Akili is the wildcard in this one, nobody knows what he's capable of. Should be a very entertaining game I hope, with a nice size crowd.

Lions 27, Stamps 20

How can any one predict the out come. I would have to say the Lions record speaks for itself. Most likely a Lion win on this one.

Anything is possible, but I am afraid you are right rw2005. I hope for the league that it is at least competitive. Good luck to both of your teams.

Well again we as Stamp fans need to see what we have under the hood. I think Smith will be ready and he will be loose for this game. But the Lions will have something to say about it. This is an excellent test for him. If it gets out of hand and we are so far ahead we will see Nealy. :wink:

I'd almost lean towards Calgary. Their D is in tact and their running game is solid. BC should win, but after the emotional win against the Riders and Burris out for Calgary, I could see BC having a letdown. Then again, maybe it's just wishful thinking.

I can tell you to a man the Stamps are one pissed off team. Hopefully their dislike for the league brass will be taken out on the Lions. :lol: I heard wally stated to his defense those guys are a ll Tillmans out there not get it done. Sorry had to do it. :lol:

hehehe. If the Stampeder Red was the same color as Eric's hair, it could have gotten very ugly. :slight_smile:

CBC is praising BC's offensive line on the Winnipeg. Finally people calling it what it is, jealousy.

RLR can you explain? :lol:

Rob Murphy is Ohio State's all-time penalty minutes leader...


I am a bit supersticious! So I put a BC banner and Stamp Banner on the deck. The mag pie pooped on the BC banner so it looks like the Lions are in trouble.

I heard that Buck Pierce is ready to start, is he healthy and going to get the start in this one?

It's Jarious Jackson's job to lose now.

RLR just for you


It doesn't really answer my question. Im wondering if Pirce is healthy and ready to play

Sorry Red. I think you got this one backwards.

I clearly answered your question. Buck Pierce will not start because it is Jarious' job to lose now.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Really! Schooner!

Whatever Im not going to get into it with you again. I was wondering if Buck is totally healthy. I heard that he is 100%, care to comment on that?

Buck is not totally healthy but he will dress tonight from what I gather.