Stamps up next !

Time to move on..... Yah the refs suck sometimes and we really beat ourselves with those turnovers in the 4th. We have to have better protection for Casey against the vaunted Stamps D, hang on to the ball better, keep the penalties down, get after Burris, in other words bring our "A" game. If not, we could be in for a real long night and on the wrong side of an embarrassing score! Go Lions Go!

Well if stamps suck like they did in Regina...we have a good shot as long as the ref's don't blow it and we don't turn it over a million times in the 4th!!

This is it, guys! This is when we pull out all the stops, learn from the past and stop Calgary in their tracks.
BC 45
Calgary 17
It's gonna' happen! Just watch!
Roar Lions, ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are right pastasteve..... time for the Stamp fans to eat some that would be fun! :lol:

I will be watching to see. But there is a little voice inside that is telling me that that score will be the other way around. :roll: There is nothing I'd like more than to see the Lions whoop the Stamps.

It could happen but I won't be holding my breath. The Lions almost pulled it off on Aug 07 and then the wheels fell off on August 27. The Stamps are red hot. And I mean RED HOT. Burris seems to do no wrong and he's as slippery as trying to grab hold of a salmon while you're wearing latex gloves. and then there's Rambo, Reynolds and the rest of the boys. But hey, you just never know, the Stamps might go in feeling all puffed up and over confident thinking they'll just walk all over the Lions.

I will be elated if we win by a single point. I will be crushed if we lose by a single point. You of those last second field goals by Calgary.

Does Calgary have any weaknesses at this point in the season? [other than that dumb horse that drops a load every time it gallops down the side line whenever Calgary scores a TD.] If they do please share.

Go Pastasteve! We're with you. Calgary blows and they have that hellhound Wally Bouno on their trail. He wants them BAD!
Plus the odds are totally on our side . . .

HAHAHA! that is a good one. As for our weaknesses i can only think of the loss of Nik lewis.

I will tell you one possible weakness. If Burris ever goes down, I think the Stamps are in trouble. Tate has looked good mopping up, but has yet to prove his self as a starter. Go get em' boys!

Congrats to the Lion's on their impressive win tonight.

all those field goals and fumble sure were impressive werent they :wink:

special teams played far better than Hufnagles special teams #1. #2 our defence played excellent and corey banks , that was a touchdown!!!! Printers just isn't a general out there , he let's the emotional side get the best of him . Lulay played very well and smart ,with the lead and kept it ,didn't blow it, so good and hat's off to him and STeams and the big D. Wow Crawford &Phillips didn't get beat tonight :thup:

Strange, but entertaining game none the less me thought. Next up the home and home with Winnipeg.

Not a pretty win (except for Davis) but we're the first ones to pull out a victory in McMahon stadium in a long time. Wish it had been our 4th straight victory but 4-8 is enough for a playoff spot at the moment.