Stamps Trying Desperately to Trade Burris

8) TSN is reporting that the Stampeders are trying very hard to trade QB Henry Burris.
   Burris apparently is owed a sizeable bonus on Feb. 1, and if he is not traded by then, he expects he will be released.

   It is believed that the Stamps are having difficulties moving Burris because of his large contract !!!
   Burris has stated that if he is released, he would look to Edmonton or Hamilton to continue his career with.

   Exactly why would anyone trade for him now, when he probably will be released within the next few weeks ??

    He could then go to the highest bidder for his services.  You can be sure he won't be getting anywhere near the salary
    he has been getting in Calgary.

The only reason you would trade for him is if you really want him. I agree, I can't see anyone (us included) trading for him when he will be release before Feb 1. Good luck to him.

8) And any team that is desperate enough to trade for him now, would be on the hook for his sizeable bonus due Feb. 1.

Now that Edmonton seems to be light at QB, they might be REALLY interested, especially after hearing Coach Reed's comments re losing Ray.

He didn't seem overly enthused or happy.

As someone posted in the Ray to Argos thread, this lopsided trade seems rather fishy... and there may be something going on behind the scenes.

Bingo. Waiting for him to be released and then scooping him up saves the team:
A large sum of money
Cap space and
Whatever we would trade to get him

Definitely worth the wait, as I don't think Edmonton is that desperate for a QB

Wonder if Winnipeg would scoop him up.

if you,re the eskimos, you dont trade your franchise player of 9 years, who was part of 2 championship wins, to go after an OLDER QB.

i am certain Burris will be a tiger-cat next season.

IF the eskimos are not settled on jyles as their QB, they will probably be making a play for McPherson's services. could even send jyles to montreal in a package deal for Adrian McPherson.

but, there is no way they will aquire Burris.

Agreed 100%. No doubt Burris ends up in Hamilton, but he won't get traded either. CGY will have to release him and he will be in Hamilton in june. No question in my mind.

Burris would be an upgrade over Glenn but the TiCats still need to develop their own QBs instead of this option. McPherson would obviously be the better long term solution IF he's what many think he can be.

I don't think Burris is any upgrade over what we have now. I wouldn't trade for him. If he's released at some point, fine, sign him and see if he performs better than Glenn. I have my doubts about that.

It's a safe bet Burris will be released in January. The only reason to trade for him now is if another team wants him. In my humble opinion, there isn't any so he'll be here soon.

Has Glenn made it passed the Division Finals? No ! he always seems to be limping off the field at that time.

So YES! .......Burris is an improvement!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

agreed :thup:

Burris has a way stronger arm, is much taller, much more mobile, the 2010 CFL MVP, a grey cup champ and your telling me that Burris isn't improvement over Glenn who in brutal honesty will never be MVP or win the cup.Hmmmm.....Interesting logic.

I totally disagree with those of you saying Burris is an improvement over what we have. At best it's a sideways move.

No doubt the Burris of old is better, but did any of you guys see how he played last season? There's a reason he's not their starter anymore.

I have zero desire to sign a 37 year old aging quarterback on the downside of his career.

That solves nothing and smacks of desperation.

Plus there's just something I've never liked about the guy. :slight_smile:

no argument here.

And Burris was also voted by league peers this season as having the strongest arm in the CFL, has rushed for over 400 yds in 7 of the past 8 seasons (385 yds last season in limited play) and averaged 28 TDs per season during the same time frame, so the man still has many attributes over Glenn.

steve: It seemed to me that Kevin Glenn was supposed to be our "fill-in" guy until Porter or someone else was able to be developed. Porter has not developed into starting QB material.
I cannot understand why, three years later, the same two players are still here along with a debate over which one should start. Porter or Glenn should have been traded after the first full season under Marcel. Then last season we learned that under Mike Gibson, Porter did not get any reps at the end of the season when he had to step in for Glenn. Why was that allowed to happen?
Maybe Obie was in on the decison to let this QB situation go on for too long but regardless it certainly held this team back at 9-9.
Let's hope the new Head Coach does what should have been done at the end of the 2010 season...and then moves quickly to correct things afterwards if necessary. And that's just a start. This team never reached it's full potential when Marcel was here.
Who knows, maybe Glenn or Porter might thrive under a new HC who has a different approach to game planning. But I would be inclined to take Burris and give Boltus...or someone else...a chance as the back-up.

Mr 62,

Good points by you.

Our new HC will have some important decisions to make for sure.

If Glenn wasn't our passport to excellence, and I agree he was not, then I'm not convinced Burris, who is older and lost his starter job in Calgary, is more likely to be. As for decisions around Porter, I agree with you it was not handled in the best way over the last couple of years. What the right move is now I don't know.

We'll have some very interesting changes over the winter and spring. With a new coaching staff, some potential departures for NFL tryouts at key positions, and the evident need to get better at some others, I wonder what it will look like... tweaking, rebuilding or starting over.

steve: Yeah...let's hope the decision on the new HC can be made by early January so the work can begin. I hope he can find a way to unleash the talent we will have. I felt we were playing with the brakes on for the past couple of seasons.
The competition all across the CFL could be fierce in 2012 with new head coaches here, in Toronto, Vancouver and Sask.

I cannot see Henry Burris going to any other team but the Cats.
All the other teams have their set starting QB's in place and Burris will command a starting QB salary.
A salary we will be able to afford if Glenn is not on the roster.
IMHO Edmonton did not move an aging Ray to acquire an older Burris.
B.C., Sask., Winnipeg, T.O. and Montreal have their Starting QB's in place.
We are the only team left that is considering changing QB's and the 2010 Most Outstanding Player could land on our team by default! :thup: