Stamps to practice in Kingston

I just finished watching the replay of the Calgary @ Toronto game. Right near the end, it was announced that the Stamps would be staying in Kingston en route to Montreal. They'll be holding open an open practice and an autograph session. For more information,

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Thats cool. I hope they get a good turn out to watch the practice !! :thup:

At least one will be there. The field where they're practicing at is behind the houses across the road from where I live. I work from home this time of year, so I can sneak over and watch.

I read in the Kingston Whig today that they had a pretty solid turnout. When I heard about this I was disapointed that i'm still stuck here in London.

I was thinking it would be awesome to see Kingston/Queen's host a CFL preseason game sometime down the road.

That would be cool. I don't see it happening soonish.

Maybe in 2022 for the 100th year of the Grey Cup being played there. And first win by Queens U

Well, this is a discussion for another thread, but i've always thought that it would be in each teams and the CFL's best interest to regionalize thier preseason games. It's not like the home cities would be that upset about losing a preaseaon game, and bringing the game to cities that dont have teams can go a long long way.

This is how I see it...

Montreal = Quebec City
Ottawa = Kingston
Toronto = ?
Hamilton = London
Sask = Saskatoon
Edmonton = ?
Calgary = ?
BC = Kelowna, Victoria, Abbotsford?

Maybe have Toronto/Edmonton/Calgary rotate playing preseason in Halifax, Moncton and St John's.

I like that idea. Edmonton could play in either Grande Prairie (they have a growing football grassroots up there) or Red Deer and Calgary could play in either Lethbridge or Medicine Hat. Lethbridge has a portion of a stadium but room around it to add seats to the existing stands and on the opposite side. It'd be much like Moncton really.