Stamps @ Tiger-Cats

I can remember a number of games in the past five years when the Ticats competed very well with the Stamps and lost by a slim margin. A few of them involving last second FGs by the Stamps to win - or in the case of the "snow bowl" in Calgary about 5 or 6 years ago Ticats going for a last second FG to win only to have the ball slip off the tee! >:(

Last season's blowout was more of an anomaly - more indicative of the team just not playing well early in 2017.

I think that if the Ticats can play well and keep mistakes (penalties, turnovers) to a minimum while forcing the Stamps to make some mistakes - and capitalizing on them, then they can win this game. They held the lead IN CALGARY for almost the full game in week one. Winning this one won't be easy but I think it can be done.

Very well said. Too many games where the Stamps got outplayed and then they would pull some late game horseshoes out of their arse. That is why BLM throwing that late pick in the Grey Cup was extremely satisfying for once. Now hopefully he does that against the Cats also.

No doubt Ti-Cats are the underdogs coming into this game against Calgary, however we held the Stamps close in week 1 and could have pulled out a victory and Alex Green was not in the line up at that time as the Cats were playing a pretty healthy Stamps team?

Now we have Alex Green back he playing great, yes Calgary has players out of the line up but so do the Cats and frankly it’s a much closer line up now than it was at the start of the year.

The big question will be can the Ti-Cats overcome the high performance offence of Bo Levi Mitchell and the Cats defence keep the that squad in check for most of the game and allow Masoli and the Cats to get down field and score TD’s?

Should be a great game weather wise 26c and sunny predicted will hopefully keep the action hot on the field.

This would be a great game to win for the Cats and overcome the high flying Stamps, something they haven’t done since 2011?


TiCats are 2-3 hours, at this point, behind the norm for releasing their depth chart for this game.
Here's the Stamps:

Kasitati is the 3rd Centre they've started in as many games and, scratched Glover-Wright was one of their starting CBs last week.

I found this, don't know if it is legit?

2 key positions of weakness on here

Kasitati At Center - this is his first game as a center, he will have his hands full

Stoudermire at DB - A special teamer, pushed into service, could be some opportunities here

They posted one on Facebook around 11:30.

Good news if Rolle is cleared to play

What are you basing that statement from?
Hamilton's 3rd receiver is 9th in the CFL in receiving yards and Calgary's 3rd receiver is 30th
And yes our 4th, 5th, and 6th receiver are also higher than their 3rd. So I would say quite the opposite is true.

Shhhh…it doesn’t fit his narrative that Masoli isn’t good enough.

Count me in! I want to beat calgary, and beat them bad. Call me crazy, but beating them would be more satisfying than beating the blew team on labour day.

Let’s be loud tomorrow!

Did we hear anything about Leonard this week? Will this be a fourth straight game without him? I may be wrong, but it seems to me that, for some reason, the media never asks about him, and his injury, and the coach never says anything about it. The chart shows him as a starter, but that’s not a guarantee. The Reserves, I expect will be one of Howsare & Tracy, and one of the 6 INT DBs or, perhaps but unlikely, Rashad Lawrence.

Whoa, throw the flag, that's major noticing.

But Manziels podcast went on as scheduled this week. So we're up to date there.

Kasitati’s first game at centre and he’s lined up against Ted.

Should we send flowers to his widow?

TiCats finally posted their depth chart on their site

Roster notes for Hamilton: Top reciever Brandon Banks is a game-time decision after pulling his groin in last weekend’s 36-25 win over Toronto and cornerback Jumal Rolle is unlikely after taking a knee to the head in the same game (he has been going through the concussion protocol). Expect Josh Johnson to fill the latter’s spot, while Mariel Cooper returns to the active roster as backup. Richard Leonard is also in for injured Frankie Williams (ankle) at halfback. Julian Howsare, Adrian Tracy and Ted Laurent are also all back on the defensive line, and Bobby Richardson is out as a consequence. Finally, Shakeir Ryan replaces Bralon Addison, both receiving and returning kicks.

Roster notes for Calgary:All-star cornerback Ciante Evans misses his second straight start against Hamilton after injuring his ankle on Labour Day. Troy Stoudemire, who hasn’t played corner this season, is expected to fill his spot and could also run back some boots. Ucambre Williams, meanwhile, is out after injuring his knee against Edmonton. Nila Kasitati will start at centre in his absence — the rookie’s first game action since signing with the Stampeders in May.

Crap. No Owens

Those Grover-posted Roster Notes are a little scary!
I’d speculate now that Rolle will be one of the Reserves and the other – one of Howsare, Tracy or BANKS!

I thought Rolle might be out due to concussion symptoms.