Stamps @ Tiger-Cats

Stamps @ Tiger-Cats this coming Saturday September 15 at 4:00pm @ Tim Horton’s Field.

We need the hype on this game now after coming off back to back wins against the Argos and heading into a home field match up against Calgary next Saturday what will the outcome be a win or another loss or yet another close call?

I think this is the statement game of the 2018 season for the Tiger-Cats, with the powerhouse Calgary Stampeders in town a Win by the Cats would send a message to the CFL that this team is ready to play at that higher level of performance, whereas a loss well just not there yet again?

Last time these two teams met at the start of the season Ti-Cats lost 28-14 however had the chances to win but they didn’t and although now it seems a different for this team with 3 straight wins still the big test will be Calgary on Saturday and if they can pull out a team victory or not?

Cats are certainly gelling and playing as a team right now heading down the stretch but can they carry this momentum against the Stamps and play at that higher level remains to be seen?

Hope the Ti-Cat fans make lots of noise for this game??


The trouble with calling any game a “statement game” is you cant take it back when the statement made isnt the one you wanted

True, however this game will decide this teams ability this season to overcome a powerhouse team like Calgary, without a doubt.

The Cats could have won the first game, they didn’t and Calgary came away with yet another win that they have done consistently and consecutively against the Cats for years and against the rest of the CFL.

If the Tiger-Cats want to reach that level they must first beat a team like Calgary!


We owe these guys. We really owe these guys one - bigtime. All the times they’ve kept us down… Let’s go out there and knock the horse feathers out of them…

And, if we get the chance, no ‘nice guy’ kneeling down stuff on the one yard line for three downs at the end of the game. Revenge for that 60-1 thrashing last year, if we have any opportunity.

What the Cats did last week was a classy move possibly not to embarrass Trestman who is a classy coach as well to prevent a possible unnecessary injury.

But the Stamps can go to hell. Their smug arrogance deserves a beat down. I remember even at one point the Stamps already had a huge lead and Dickinson still decided to go for 2 points after a TD. Nothing more satisfying than seeing Mitchell's sh*t eating grin wiped from his face after taking a sack or throwing a pick.

Yes, I HATE the Stamps. ;D


I’d love to see us beat them up and down the field.

That’s the way to beat the Stamps. Make them pay for every inch with blood and pain. Good old fashion Hamilton smash mouth football.

Well Said!!!

Didn’t even think it was a “classy move” per se. Thought it was more of a “don’t give these guys anything to build off of” Even a couple of stops on the goal line is a positive for the Argos at that point. Don’t give them anything, no hope, no nothing!

The Stamps are talking about McDaniel joining the Cats. And, in this report, from Cowtown, a look at who might not be in uniform, for the visitors, on Saturday:

This ^^ but fixed the last sentence for ya! No mercy for the Stamps and Dave Dickenhead…

I think we have a good chance to beat Calgary this weekend because their two top receivers jordon and Rogers are injured and their best cornerback Ciante Evans is also injured .

Another reason is Jerry Glanville’s man on man defence with guys like rolle and breaux who can guard most receivers …having the safety playing close to the dline in the middle makes it more difficult for the qb to make short passes in the middle as well as running in the middle .

This is why we beat the esks twice containing Reilly and why Bo Levi Mitchel had his worst completion percentage in the game in Calgary vs the cats .

Calgary does have a very good dline with Davis and Micah Johnson being beasts and all stars …and singleton at mlb may be the best in the league and he is a national …the rest of the defence is pretty good despite not having Ciante Evans .

I hope Tolliver and Rashad Lawrence get a few targets this game as they will be keying on Banks and Tasker … using nationals Erlington and Timmis for a few runs and passes would also keep them guessing. When Chad Owens and Mcdaniel are ready to play then we should we be in great shape to beat the Lions and redblacks in each of the two games .

Their experience and ability to get open on broken plays will really help and their past successes and confidence and experience will help the other receivers and masoli .

I think this is going to be key. Better distribution of the football and another steady diet of running the ball.

Agreed. Another thing they have to do is protect the ball and make sure Calgary's defence stays on the field for long periods of time.

I think it’s going to be a battle, but a month ago I would have guessed a blow-out for the Stamps. After watching Edmonton in the rematch I think the Cats can compete.

We compete well with Esks, stamps not so much.
What makes BLM great is the ability to get it done with his 3rd and 4th recievers (491 yards last week - Ouch!). Not sure, I would say the same thing about Masoli, yet, - there is a first time.

If we get into a shoot out with Stamps, we’ll be done by half time - but if JM could orchastrate some of those long, methodical, time consuming, TD scoring drives we may… just may have a chance.

Our ST will have to play well, on both sides.

Its been too long, and too many Qbs for cats since we beat BLM…keeping my fingers crossed it’ll happen on Saturday.

Stamps will be down three receivers compared to when they last played us: Rogers, Jordan, and whomever Breaux covers.

Stop making unreasonable demands. ;D

Last time out the Hamilton D contained them well .

I expect the same from them and more this time out .

Bo only 47 percent passing with one TD and one Int and total 132 yds rushing for the team .

This time the Cats get a rushing game going it’s a different story as they had only 56 yds last time out .

So true! I