Stamps @ Tiger-Cats

The Calgary Stampeders at the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University this afternoon and hopefully with no rain but it doesn't look good right now?

What are your predictions CFL Fans, could be a close one if the weather gets messy, but Calgary is such a strong team right anyway and the Cats are trying to figure out if Dan LeFevour is the real deal and will be the new starter in Hamilton until Zach gets healthy again or will be another rotating door of QB's in Steeltown?

I hope Tiger-Cats win but I think Calgary will.

Go Cats Go!!

I see Hammy winning this one. ( I at least I hope that if they lose it is by less than 4 :wink: )

4 1/2 point spread, is it?

Was at 4 actually. Now it is at 3 I see.

I do see a desperate home team here that is playing better than their record.

Definitely. Four games lost by one score or less. And three of those games starting late at night (for them). Funny thing, they "fell asleep" at the end of them all, allowing the other team to take the game in the last minute.

Probably should have turned the tables on Calgary today and started the game at noon - catch the Stamps before they're fully awake.

It does look like it will be wet and windy at least for the start of the game. Not sure who that might favour. Perhaps the great equalizer - which if true would certainly help the Cats.

Here comes the rain!

Last night the hit on Lefevour on the interception would have been roughing the passer, today no flag. Love the consistency of officiating. For the record, I don't think it was late, but a similar hit was flagged last night.

Looks like a decent game for a change.

They have to get rid of this PI challenge. Just killed the flow in what was a decent game which is rare enough this season.

Pretty good one going into the fourth.

Just got home and wow does Calgary look good with red helmets in those away uniforms. Coupled with Hamilton, this is just a good looking game.

Oh, and it's a close game. Two two-and-outs in the whole game? That's more like it.

Crap - now Lefevour is hurt. We need Masoli to come through now.

THAT'S what it is!
I couldn't understand why I didn't like the Stampeders away unis so much before.
They switched from the black helmets to red.

Thankfully, they won as well.

Getting some separation in the East.
Hope the Argos can pull out a win tomorrow against the Lions.

Yes the Argo's are running away with the East and up by four points in the mad race for the Basement of the East Division in 2014 in a three way tie, maybe Montreal will break that tonight against Sask I doubt it but you never know?

The Cats need one of their QBs back or their season is done like dinner. Hamilton played a good game, but penalties at the wrong time and too many turnovers killed them. With both their #1 and #2 QBs out it is going to be tough on them. Their D looked good.

At least it was a good game. Finally an entertaining game from opening kick-off to the final gun. Great game.