Stamps @ Ticats GDT

After this game, the Ticats finish with Montreal, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Can they corral The Stamps? Or will they get Stampeded?

I think most CFL fans outside of Hammy might go with the "get stampeded" option and that was my first thought as well. Some teams, such as Sask and Hammy, that were playing badly in the first part of the season have turned things around. The last game Calgary played against the 'Riders was a very close defensive battle, even though the green team was "stampeded" by Calgary earlier in the season. Though I think that Calgary will win this one, I will say that the game may be a close one as the Ti-cats are playing much better now than when the Stamps beat them 60-1.

Let's all hope the Stumps get soundly thrashed......

Stamps win, but not by 60 points.

I think a 30-17 score might be possible.

I think after the embarrassment of that 60-1 loss, the Ti-Cats will want some revenge tonight.
As stated the Cats are a different team now and I wouldn't be surprised by a narrow Cats victory!
30-27 Ti-Cats!

Yup Duane, Ticats need to clean this up and quick with any chance in heck of winning this one. That was bruuuuutal. But it happens in football when you get outcoached and outplayed on special teams.

What kind of ref couldn't see that that was clearly not an inbounds catch? OMG, that was bad CFL officiating, really bad, beyond bad... The whole foot was in the white. Are you totally blind?

Agree, if you win a challenge in the first half with that mickey mouse officiating, you should still retain a challenge for the rest of the game, for such incompetence.

...pfft, in what alternate universe?...

....and get a Dairy Queen gift card

Any old (or new) universe will do.....

Or Hewitt's gift card, much better ice cream in these parts. :wink:

Nice to hear the Bomissionaire admit he is big headed and cocky......

Another unforced error agains't the Stamps, this time from Masoli. A recipe for losing.

Innocuous play? Actually never heard that one Rod but me likes! That's a first for me. You've set a new standard for sports play by play. :-*

Rod likes spanked, hmmm.... :-*

But TiCats spanking the Stamps a bit here, me likes this tad o' spanking! 8)

someone's universe is

Spanking unleashes the kundalini! And once the kundalini is released and awakened, look out!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And "through the gut". Chakra football all the way tonight! With a bit of "plug and play" tech stuff thrown in for good measure. :slight_smile:

Oh boy, way should have the Cats let the Stamps get this ball back this late in the first half, bad.

What kind of ref, Earl? A CFL ref my good man!

Well, yup Lyle, it was as bad of a call as I've ever seen.

Anyways, nice INT Cats! The Cats will take being down by 2 in this game after the half but hey, half ain't over... And Masoli is off tonight, interesting last minute for sure Duane, it's the "bad Masoli" now coming out of the woodwork.

Stamps in mope mode with 1st in west pretty much sewn up - bombers aren't gonna win out - they be lucky to steal a couple wins down the stretch - almost appears both #1 & #2 are extremely vulnerable right now.

Hamilton should be able to eke out a W vs. a disinterested Cowboy outfit. . . . . make a serious play for 2nd in East - they still need massive help!