Stamps the Only 'Good' Team?

#1. I don't like the Stamps at all.
#2. When you look at points for and against, the stamps are the only team with a significant positive spread- 130 pts. Mtl, Sask., and now Hamilton are at half that- around 60-65. That's okay but not great.
#3. I have no idea what to do with anomalies like Toronto at -100 pts. while Winnipeg is near even. These results are a total mess and outside the normal statistical range..

The other way of looking at this is I don't think there has been this much parity in the league in many a year. :wink:

The Bombers are close to even because when they lose, they lose by 4-10 points most of the time. But all of their wins have been by 10 points or more, I believe. If you win two games by 15, and lose eight games by 4, you'll be at -2, which is close to even. That's the Bombers. The reverse applies to the Argos. They win the close ones, but lose by bigger margins.

If the Stamps are so 'good', why did they just lose to B.C. at home?

The Stamps were the best team... not so much anymore. Lost four of last six, including two at home. :?

Someone mentioned it in another topic... all three of the top teams are struggling right now. Making the playoffs more interesting.

I think that the Stamps had a brain fart..

Well if that's the case, the Riders have Diahrea.


Just wait until this site power rankings are updated... Winnipeg is the only team out of playoff contention, but they will still be ranked 4th ... it only proves that the ranking system is a total bust and they need to go back to the drawing board.. as for the Stamps being he only "good" team, I would put Montreal into that category. Sask would be there if not for the 3 game losing streak, and have taken step back from good to mediocre.

Where are the Cats? After their three game winning streak they are the polar opposite of the Riders. If the Riders would have been there but for their losing streak, I would think you'd put the Cats in their because of their winning streak.

Cats have the same record as the Riders... but I'm not sold on the Cats being a Cup I would stick them into the mediocre category, along with the Argos.

They have won, and won convincingly, their last three games. If 106-17 (total score the past three weeks) is mediocre, I'd love to know what good is. If we're talking about what team is playing the best right now I'd take the Cats over any other team in the CFL.

Along with the Riders.

Cats are hot right now, but will they remain that way? If they win their next two games, then I would say yes, they are a better team than the Riders.. I look at it this way.. if you win 12 or more games over a season, then you are a good team. If you get 7 to 11 wins you are mediocre.. 6 or less then you are lousy..

Funny, I don't recall saying the Riders were Cup contenders.. :roll:

I don't think I agree that 11 wins is mediocre. And all that really matters is what they are doing right now. The Cats started 1-4 and have gone 8-3 since then. They have a had four-game and now have a three-game win steak this season. As we all know, it's not how you start, it's how you finish. Right now the only team playing as well as Hamilton is Edmonton (winners of their last two), but the Cats hammered them three weeks ago. Every other team has yo-yo'd for most part. The Riders are on a three-game losing streak, the Stamps have lost four of six and Montreal has played one good game this month (the blowout win over Calgary). I think that the Cats are most definitely a contender, and are the one team that is peaking at the right time. I'm not saying they will win it all, but this is not a mediocre team. This is a team that can make a lot of noise come playoff time.

Fascinatingly, this topic was designed to discuss the points for - points against records. We’re all ADHD on this site. :slight_smile:

speak for yourself, I am just ADD.

I lost my H a long time ago

Speaking as someone who actually HAS ADHD, I find this ....oh, look! Shiny Object!

The East has a lot more parity this year, the gap has closed a bit between Montreal and the rest of the teams. Calgary is the standout team in the West, although they haven't been playing lights out lately either.