Stamps the class of the league.

I wouldn't dare post this in the CFL zone, as i know i would get death threats from fans of other teams. This is my opinion after watching some of the off season shanadigans that have gone on recently. this is some examples of what i am talking about. alhtough seemingly small, someitmes things like this can sort of show you where the intergity of an organiation lies.

Montreal- Cuts green because of his hamstring.

Sask- cuts Sarka only days before camp starts. Very poor treatment of a great player.

Hamilton- releases sandro right before training camp(great on him for getting the invite to montreal though).

Edmonton-poorly handled the Mass situation.

Winnipeg releases oosterhuis for failing physical.

NOw i know all of those transactions were justified. thats fine. i was just looking back at some things with the stamps. The only example close to this since huff took over is the release of labinjo, wich was expected, and he had much time to find another team, and the release of a linebacker a couple years ago during camp for being too agressive. again, that one was expected. Harrison has been injured while training. he was not released. Huff only said he will bring him back when he is healthy, but will not push him through camp. Lumsden was welcomed back as a stamp and to be put on the injured list. It was his choice to reitre from football. Everyone talks about how huff is a hard @$$, but it seems as though he runs a lot more dignified show then a lot of the other teams. noticed Barker, a former stamps guy, also running with some class. same with wally, another stamps guy. there used to be an unwritten rule in Football... Players are not released when injured.

Now anyone released by any team during training camp is cause they couldnt make the cut. Start with over 70, down to under 45. Calgary has no issue starting the season with people on the injured list. not sure why the other teams wont. I remember that Winnipeg for over a year left Ibriam Khan on the injury list. That was classy. As i continue my obscure rants, I really felt that Wally wished the Davis thing would have turned out different. they didnt release him right away, but took some time to diagnose the situation.

When listening to Huff on the radio (on QR77 and fan960 a lot!) He really stresses he finds the best players, not just fitting in the Canadians cause he has to. I will be the first to admit, and everyone on here Knows it, i was not too keen on the huff when he first came. i did not think he would have the respect for the Canadian player. but with the absense of the previous O.C., huff has really taken in the non imports as players. with the lumden thing, to giving cornish reps, to drafting brad. i really like he is drafting local talent as well, and using local talent that was already there (cote, parker, walter). swallowing my own foot on my first ideas of huff has been tough.

When interviewed after the draft about brad on the fan, Huff said " i didnt take him because he was Canadian. I drafted him because i need a QB and he was the best in the draft." Now with that, Brad could get cut on monday. But at least he got a shot.

Now i guess i am a little hard on Edmonton. its sort of the nature of being a stamps fan. and Tillman knows he has to mke a stand and make changes. I was very very extactic that he signed mueller... But is mueller better then mass? mueller will not count to the ratio. So then why cut him and force him to retire?

Sarka was all class. I cant think of another team that needs a fullback. Im happy with Calgary's Fullbacks. At least they should have cut him right after the draft. Kudos to him for saying he would bever play anywhere else. I just wish they would have given him a chance, see if he is better then others. Isnt that the point of training camp? see who is the best.

One thing i was curious about... I found much negative things said about Baur. So i was a hair concerend when the stamps hired him(although they did need someone and he was the most qualified). I have not seen him make a single move reguarding the players, or the onfield business. Perhaps the huff and and the owners made it clear to keep his nose out of anything reguaring players. I do like some of the promotional stuff he has done. the cross alberta tour, the fan fests imporovement, and generally more access from the public to players. weather it be more radio access, autograph signings, or access after the practices.

I really hope i havnt offended the fans of other teams. this is my very bias opinion. also made in the safe haven of the stamps house. i will be posting some more stuff in this topic later. either to confim, or to eat my own words.


One other thing i wanted to Add... I really hope that with the depart of Anderson, some more class on the defense will apear. I can say football is an intense sport... but sometimes the emotion of anderson was a little much. Note that i was making this thread about more off the field business opertion then on the field. although i think huff has cleaned that up as well.