Stamps take aim at Argos' streak on Fri. Night Football

CALGARY — The Toronto Argonauts are in search of their seventh straight win to open the season when they travel west to take on the Calgary Stampeders on Friday night.

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No Cauz, Edmonton is, always will be.

I’m calling an upset here, but the Stamp D will have to help with some points on the board.

It’s crazy that their is a 95% chance that the two Alberta teams could be 2-16 at the half way point of the season.

Calgary has a tough game against an undefeated Argos team and then play a very upset Lions team

Edmonton plays a rolling Bombers team.

Added craziness is that with way the Riders are playing, they’re both still in the play off race. When did the Western division turn into the Eastern division. Maybe we’ll have an Eastern crossover for the first time.

Hoping for an exciting game over all but still pulling for an Argo win. It’s what my Doctor ordered to help with my BC / Winnipeg hang over LOL.

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