Stamps storm back to win OT thriller

HAMILTON — The Calgary Stampeders were able to shake off a 21-point first-half deficit on Saturday to stun the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in overtime, 33-30.

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Was there something wrong with the turf in Hamilton? Or was it just wet? Seemed like a lot of players slipping and sliding, more than usual.

Also, why does TSN feel the need to hot mike the same idiot in the stands who yells YOU SUCK over and over for the whole game? I love the trash talk when I'm in the stands, but it's tedious to have to listen to on TV.

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Yeah, that did get pretty annoying.

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Last week some guys gave Masoli a bad time for throwing 380 yds & losing. Are they going to comment on Evans losing with 425yds?

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I'm okay with it as long there isn't profanity on it

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It was relatively clean but at one point he screamed at the head ref, a French-Canadian, to "go back to your own country." Not a great moment in Ti-Cat fandom. :-/

Those two are hands down the most talented losers I've ever seen! :partying_face:

Either that or the teams they're playing on don't know how to use them properly. I'm betting it's the latter.

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That doesn't really make any sense . You don't mind sitting in the stands and hearing it when you've got no control over it but when it's on TV it drives you nuts ? Ever hear of a mute button ?

You tell me which button mutes the background while the play by play and analysts are talking, and I'll gladly press it.

You must have a local radio station that covers the game , no ? Either that or a team affiliated simulcast on their home page . I'm pretty sure every team does in some capacity or another has a way and means to listen to the game .
770 Chqr - Calgary Stampeders.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Why would I listen on the radio when I can watch it on television? I like the TSN guys, they are the reason I tune in.