Stamps still striving for more

VANCOUVER — While clinching a spot in the playoffs is a significant achievement already, the Calgary Stampeders are hungry and still striving for more.

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Good chance they don't get anymore.

The marquee matchup for Week 15 between the Stamps and the Lions was an Offensive showcase. The game featured 4 lead changes and a tie. The Stamps led by three at the half 16-13. The Stamps outscored the Lions 17-10 in the exciting second half. The Stamps must elevate their game as Coach Dickenson emphasized in their Week 16 battle at home with the first place Bombers. My game ball goes to Reggie Begelton who caught 7 balls for 119 yards and a 15 yard beautiful major which tied the game at Lucky 13. :star_struck: :wc: :football: :canada:

Actually the game is in Calgary.

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This veru young team was 2-5 on Sept 17 sitting dead last in the west. Less than w months later they are 7-6 and secure on a playoff spot.....That would make Calgary the best team in this league next to Winnipeg...and I can asure you the Bombers want nothing to do with us on the 5 and I dare to guess their play will reflect that next Saturday

In what way? As in maybe they sit a bunch of players again? Possible, but most of the guys out today will need to get into the next game.

Every other playoff team could claim that they are “the best team in the league next to Winnipeg…”. I don’t get your point.

Absolutely, Winnipeg can't sit anyone next week. That would be a month of inactivity. What I mean is the Bombers will leave a lot of their playbook back home. They will play very timidly and I believe this will make them vulnerable to injuries. Jim Barker said in the post game show that no one will want to play the Stamps in the post season

lol speaking jealousese again I see. Stamps are 5-1 in last 6 and 6-2 in last 8.. Outside of Bombers, who is better than that?

So you are saying, again, that the Bombers are better. We agree on something.

Bombers have a great record and have had a great regular season, no doubt. No one would deny that. But Stamps are surging, young and hungry.. The Bombers are fat and comfortable, having had no adversity at all this year- Those teams rarely succeed in that post season- you can deny it all you want but that is just fact

Agree somewhat. We could rest guys like Willie & Bryant, and a few WR's, who'll play a limited role today (how much, who knows?).
As for the playbook, anything used this year is on video, so its not like they're worried about a play already used. If anything they have a few things up their sleeve that they'll pull out on the 5th. Pretty sure you'll see close to the real thing next week - and I for one don't want to give you guys any confidence in thinking Stamps can hang with the Bombers.

They have faced adversity. They’ve just crushed it. They are not fat and take nothing for granted every week and I predict will have little difficulty handling the Riders in the WF.

The Stamps CAN hang with the Bombers, you might remember a struggling Stamp team was a last play field goal away from beating you at home in August. What makes you think this very improved team suddenly "can't hang" with the Bombers?

just giving a little pregame hype for next week! I guess we'll see if they can or not!

lol what adversity? Tell me? Did they have to fight just to get into the playoffs? Did they have a losing streak where they had to dig deep and soul search? Again , you can deny it all you want but it will be a huge issue for this team
Also do not underestimate basic human behavior. Winning a Cup the previous season, makes your hunger less .

You obviously don’t understand this team.

I think they showed vs Montreal last week that in a close(ish) game they can shut it down in the 2nd half. Not sure why you think adversity will be a huge issue for the Bombers.
Maybe thats why they're sitting so many today - to get some adversity? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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lol sure Jon
Winnipeg is magically different from any other I've seen in the same situation.

LOL , you mean in a game where winning or losing was meaningless? Where nothing was on the line? That is not adversity. Anyone can do that type of thing when nothing is at stake.