Stamps stay alive with comeback win over Riders

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders are not ready to call it a season.

The Stamps overcame a 13-point deficit on their way to an eventual 26-19 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday night at McMahon Stadium.

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After watching BC/Ham it’s evident Cal/Sask aren’t competing at the same level. The playoff survivor here better up their game by more than a few notches if they even want to dream about the Western final, & they’re running out of time.


So who has the tie breaker?
Sask has 1 more win on season but played extra game

Sask vs Toronto OR Calgary vs BC & Winnipeg

Calgary beat Sask in week 6. If Sask is tied with Calgary, I believe Calgary would sneak in.


Regardless of whether Calgary or Saskatchewan makes it to the western semi-finals, it will a long, long road to a Grey Cup win. Likely not doable!

Thats why I was curious about tie breaker

If Sask loses to Toronto Calgary needs beat either BC or Winnipeg in regular season then beat BOTH in playoffs

If Sask beats Toronto Calgary needs beat BOTH in regular season then beat BOTH in playoffs

It seems very unlikely

Calgary has the tiebreaker over Saskatchewan.

This was an entertaining game for the fans to watch and it was well played. It should make for an exciting end of season showdown. The thing I love about the CFL is that when it comes to playoff time, anyone can win! Oskee-wee-wee!

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riders need to win their last game. Tall order playing who they are playing.
Stamps deserve the final west play off spot as they clearly have not given up.
Riders on the other hand seem to be in the past 7 games totally lost at the most inopertune times in a game or the entire games

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I do not disagree that the Riders not deserve to be in the game. For most of the game Calgary also played like they did not care or were not trying. They did not start to play until Saskatchewan handed them 14 points and then Calgary seemed to think they might have a chance to win after all. Either team will make in no further that the west semi. Yes anything can happen in playoffs but it would be a miracle for either team to win in playoffs.


The Cgy/Sask game was well played?

It was some of the worst football I’ve ever seen (at least above the high school level)

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Yup, I enjoyed watching this game - sorry you didn’t. I can only assumed you were unhappy with the result - it was a well played game, but I believe you were hoping for a Rider win and now all you can taste is sour grapes - and not the taste of victory.

Nope. Nothing to do with who won. Read the game thread… I was saying all game how poor the play was.

Every Rider loss is one game closer to a new coach and GM, so that doesn’t bother me.