Stamps start season with a bang!

Hey hey, another season begins and we're wrecking up the EE's just as it should be. Unfortunately due to blackout and having longstanding plans for the evening, I wasn't able to see it. I know from the highlights how it went, and I like the fact that we were leading for 90% of the game, I like the fact that we never gave up, and I love the fact that Burris came through in the clutch, even though this is only the first game of the year. For someone labelled as a slow starter I think this is a very good sign. Can't wait for labour day to see if we can take the home sweep against the green and gold. That would be SWEET.

Don't get too pumped up. It was a very bad game for both teams. We have lots of improvement. Penalties, dropped passes, mental errors.

The only good things i saw were Reynolds running his ass off and the team coming together in the last 2 minutes to score 2 touchdowns and get the W.

......yes, the score is pretty flattering of how the boys played on both sides of the ball.....55 minutes of sub par football and then 5 minutes of WOW.....thank goodness RR couldn't find the time to launch any and had to rely on nickel and dime dump passes all night, but even those were whittled away the yards.....he almost threw for 400 yards!.....anyway, we'll take the W but there will be lots of game tape to explore if we hope to repeat in the chuk next weekend.....

I don’t know why the coaches went away from the running game when Reynolds was doing so well, hopefully they’ll try a more balanced attack next week.

If you look at the stats it was well balanced! The passing and rushing stats are almost the same that would indicate a balance would it not.

I liked what Reynolds did for you guys, and like Stamps rock posted, I'm not sure why they didn't stay with him more when he seemed like he was on a roll. I thought the Stamps should have made the Esks pay more dearly for those turnovers. Yes Calgary won, but it should have been over sooner. You can't let good teams like the Esks hang around that long before it comes back to bite you in the a$$.

Hey no worries boys, we’ve got all year to fix the little glitches. Fact is, by mid season last year we were firing on all cylinders, and were second to none. And last season we started much worse than this… so think where we’ll be by mid-season this year. Sorry if I get a little fired up early… but I’m really loving the look of this team.

redwhite - I don’t think 30 passing attempts and 13 rushing attempts is very balanced at all, it just means the run was much more efficient, hence, you would think to use it more often. In any case… GO STAMPS GO!!